Where is the phone?

Purism wrote real free software, which you can see yourself, on the money you paid for the phone. It is a huge contribution to the fight against Google and it’s far from vaporware. It’s also more expensive than the hardware.

Also, you are behaving as if you would never get your phone. Nobody said that. Every time Purism gets the CPUs, they are shipping more devices.

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There is a simple answer to that: it’s delayed due to the lack of CPUs. Do you have more questions?

After more than 3 years of waiting for something, for someone to behave as though they had something they do not have would be absolutely absurd.

I do not have the phone. But I will have it. And now I see the proof that (1) Purism used my money for good already and (2) every time they get CPUs, they ship more phones. What else can I ask for? Magic?

Who is behaving as if they have the phone and how do you recognize it?

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Well, right now it sounds like you are.

What makes you think you’re getting the phone? Have you been waiting more than 3 years?

Estimate your Librem 5 shipping and New Post: The Ball and Supply Chain Part 2.

Actually, yes, more than 3 years.

This simply isn’t true (at least not for all people). Late last year I ordered (NOT PRE-ORDERED, for goodness sake) a Librem 5 USA, then in the following month I realized that Purism couldn’t be trusted to fulfill what they claimed they could (in terms of shipping the device they claimed was in stock). I cancelled my order, but Purism refused to refund my money for my cancelled order (NOT A PRE-ORDER, for goodness sake). This is unethical in the highest degree in terms of business practices. I had to get my $2,000 back by a charge reversal via my credit card (which I still could do, thank God). I ended up purchasing a Librem 5 off of eBay, and in the process of time I decided to give Purism (as a company) one last chance to be a decent company by trying the Librem SIMple service plan. After two months of service, Purism lost my number somehow (I can only assume because they failed to pay AT&T for it). They finally recovered my number after 5-6 days, but I was done and decided to move to Verizon and a normie phone (yes, I am fully aware of how much privacy is given up by doing this). When I tried to get Purism to give me the necessary PIN to transfer my number from Purism to Verizon (because I gave up on Purism), Purism could not. While I can’t classify that as “unethical,” it is business buffoonery. My complaints about Purism are not because I didn’t have the device in my hands, but because my two business interactions with Purism have been horrible. Some people say “But there’s no other company making ethical computing devices!” I’m sorry, but if the company producing the product cannot be ethical or competent in their business practices, I don’t want them selling anything to anyone, regardless of how “free” (as in freedom) the device is.


If you’d gotten your phone from Purism, you wouldn’t have complained about the phone number issue (nor any of the others obviously stemming from having to charge back, but that’s sort of to the side) except to let Purism fix it (which they did).

Why not? It’s completely unacceptable for a cellular provider to lose their client’s phone number, not respond for days, claim that the phone number can’t be recovered, and then finally recover it on day 6. Why wouldn’t I complain about that? Why wouldn’t I complain about Purism not being able to transfer my number from Purism to a different cellular provider?

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Because your perspective wouldn’t have been colored by your initial impatience.

“You’re not a psychiatrist!/You don’t know me!/You can’t read minds!/etc etc”

I’m just telling it like I see it.

chuckle You’re telling me that if you had cell service from Purism, you would be totally fine if they lost your phone number, did not respond for 3-4 days, claimed that your phone number couldn’t be recovered, and then finally recovered it on day 6?

I mean, I would’ve called att or T-Mobile or whomever Purism gets their awesim service through. Are you not aware that Purism is just a middle man?

There are at least two reasons I didn’t try to work with AT&T directly (one which I can explain later if you want), but because you apparently are so smart, please tell me what you would have told AT&T when they asked for your account information.

I won’t, because for these reasons it’s irrelevant.

This isn’t going anywhere anyway, and it seems to only be making you angrier. I’m not in the business of making people’s day worse, so I’ll stop.

Oh, I’m not angry with you. I find this rather comical. I’m legitimately grinning and almost chuckling right now. I would love to know how such a smart guy like you would do away with the middle-man and take care of the issue directly with AT&T.

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Then you’ve given me another reason to find this not worth my time. I hope your day gets better.

It keeps coming up in my feed. Yes, I know that I can mute the topic. Eventually someone might say something that does add value or ask a question where I can add value.

I do have my phone. No pretending. Not vapourware. etc. etc.

No, I can’t prove to you that I have my phone.

Some of us just want our money back per the refund policy in place when we handed our money to Purism.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all for retroactively applying a new refund policy. I find that particular decision inexcusable.

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It is understandable about the return of money for people if there was a policy, it seems very extraordinary to me what Purism did in including a return policy because on community project like Librem 5 or even Librem 14, this return policy does not have to exist like either we all win or we all lose.