Where is the phone?

It has been nearly a year. I ordered December 15, 2019. Where is the phone? I realize COVID happened, but don’t you think you should communicate with people?

I haven’t gotten any emails, or notifications telling me anything. I mean unless it is getting sent to my junk box.


Hmm, you should have received an email around September 10 with a link to this blog post:


I received an email in both June and September this year giving progress updates.

It could be an anti-spam problem or it could be that they don’t have your correct email address. If you have checked out anti-spam, I suggest you contact Purism directly and confirm that they have your correct email address. Unfortunately not all anti-spam problems are under your control (unless you use a domain in your email address that you yourself host).

Did you receive an order confirmation email?

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That is a long time…

yep…ordered mine on Jan. 3, 2019 still (not so patiently anymore :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:) waiting…

It was already outdated hardware at the time, so I guess it’ll fit right into my new desire to go retrotech.

That is if we ever truly get the damn phone.

Librem & Purism will forever be known as grifters. Yes, it’s that simple.


If you want to throw mud, go somewhere else or get banned. Yes, it’s that simple.

EDIT in case someone didn’t get the message:

Want to say negative things? Bring justifications for what you say. Criticism is allowed, mud isn’t.


With 7 likes, I guess at least 7 people received a phone after paying over 800 bucks.


Please consider the criticism of others, push the freedoms of speech. Show them with facts and truth that what they talk or think is not really true, but do not ban them. Everyone knows that the name of Purism is damaged by circumstances, we need to repair that intelligently but not in the way of attacking or banning, blocking of peoples.


I give everyone a chance to stop being nasty. Bans are for those who threaten to make the community worse by ignoring those chances.


Purism hosts this forum. They decide on the boundaries of freedom of speech. If the poster wants to maximise his freedom of speech then he should host his own content. Easy. Then he can say what he likes and it won’t get hidden (subject of course to the law of the applicable land, rightly or wrongly).

Long experience on the internet suggests to me that some people have formed an opinion that no amount of argument or facts will change.

I think the point anyway is that “you are a <insert insult of choice here>” is not fair criticism or even really fair comment (expression of a genuinely held opinion). It’s just a straight out insult, and this forum does not exist to host insults. Insults produce only heat, no light.


@donaldday’s opinion about purism seems pretty genuine in fact it is being held by more and more people by the day. 3 years waiting for a phone is absolutely absurd and those who have waited patiently (with unsatisfactorily low acknowledgement and generic updates that do nothing about their phone arriving) deserve some sort of compensation. Purism has already wrecked trust and hope for future open source hardware projects and that’s merely a superficial opinion, I’d hate to dig any deeper for fear of wrecking that trust any further. But somebody should definitely hold Purism accountable lest this become endemic of this industry/market.

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Purism has already wrecked trust and hope for future open source hardware projects and that’s merely a superficial opinion, I’d hate to dig any deeper for fear of wrecking that trust any further.

This is funny. My Android connects every three 45 Seconds Google. Apple saved every Information from the Phone as Backup in the Cloud.

Google updated DNS to DNS over TLS for privacy and you have the nerve to talk about purism like this? Wake up. We - have - no other open Source projects. Try to step back and look at minimal code size adventures. You will end up often using a million lines kernel or Browser. If you have just only one small hardware you can take some steps back.

And we will have to. To take a point to start from.

You are not talking about purism, because purism manufacture parts and did not build these parts. If you hate purism, buy the hardware by yourself. Manufacture it by yourself like the documentation on the Phones hardware and just download the software, for less money, but much more time effort.

Feel free to buy that hardware and develop software or apps for that community. If you do not like it. Just stay like 99,99% people in the past but, get out of our way for the future. Just follow your phone and your algorithms advice to behave, like ever.


Get butt hurt all you want about people having a negative experience with your beloved faceless entity. Fact is Purism entered the space knowing full well what they were up against and they have not delivered. No amount of, “but ma COVID”, “but ma devs”, “but ma manufacturing” excuses is gonna overcome the shadow of people waiting over 3 years for a phone. Purism exaggerated and over promised what they could deliver by a long shot. Do you think this might be damaging to a burgeoning industry? The more conspiratorial among us might go as far as considering this a psyop, I’ve tried to be patient, but 3 years… C’mon get real. People should be compensated.


Purism does like giving a better hardware revisions plus a polished Free Software stack.
Also Purism may include a special Letter or T-shirt for the delays orders.

I’m feeling the vibes…and that is all.

? What’s wrong with that? If you choose to use Google for DNS (I wouldn’t) then it is better to use DNS over TLS (or other DNS transport choices that give similar protection against interception e.g. DNS over HTTPS).

I made three points.

  1. If you want to express your opinion in an unfettered way, set up your own web site.
  2. He is never going to change his opinion, so argument is pointless.
  3. Forum rules are clear that opinions are not to be expressed via insults and, if insults are allowed, the resulting flame-fest just hijacks useful discussion.
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Did you see how much the phone costs now and how much people ordered 3+ years ago paid? If this is not a compensation, then what is? Also, how about compensation from Google for collecting my data unlawfully (GDPR)?

This is not the point. The point is to explain it to the bystanders.