Which live option to choose installing PureOS on Mini PC?

Hi, am having a lot of trouble getting PureOS running on the new Mini PC 2. Even the OEM one it came with didnt work out. I purchased a live usb also so tried that twice but nup no go, corrupt installs issues out the ears.

This time i want to get the option made clear because the docs fragmented as they are dont match what is showing on the usb options list on install.
The first option is Casper the second id gnome live. Which one do i use to boot into to install from? There is i think 7 options there , no idea why i just want one install and all that is gobbleygook to me despite dozens of hours scrambling through the various supporting information mostly unofficial so yeah who knows

Ive reflashed the usb to make it latest version to elimanate that as the problem of the one i purchased. Last install from live i did from that somehow left out the LUKS even though it was checked. Will stop there for now .

A live chat would help so much as a customer i can say that requiring email for support is unacceptable to me, so hopefully this forum has someone that knows how i can finally get this thing working!
If someone says just install Debian ill take it because i dont even know if the bird has a wing left from what ive heard but as customer will give a chance to know how well i chose to spend.

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what i mean about email for support is thats the only option ive seen for official support , via email. Long slow process i imagine, painfull for all. Live chat for official support, matrix, XMPP or even better Web application is needed!

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Hi lotty, welcome to the community.

So just to be clear … you have a Librem Mini v2?

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hey someones here, yes i brought and have the Librem Mini PC 2 , thanks

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Did it come with PureOS pre-installed?

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yeah i think so but it didnt work out so i used the flash drive and that didnt work out so i reflashed to be sure its new enough image. Now i thought to check which option to boot into from that but if you have a better idea all good

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theres seven options starting with Casper. I cant see any info on them just some simple nice looking list which is not what i have. Which one to use for the live to install from?

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“Librem Mini v2” yes that one is the correct name

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Can you provide more information on how your installation of PureOS that was present by default “didn’t work out?” Another forum user in the past few days described having some kind of unexpected issues with PureOS on their Librem Mini v2 but I did not understand fully the nature of their issues or what caused those issues.

I have a Librem 5 handset and a Librem 14 laptop, and I am writing to you from a PC that I built in 2018 that I installed PureOS on. I also reinstalled PureOS on this PC on Friday, and reinstalled PureOS onto the Librem 14 last month from the flash drive that came with my Librem 14 a few months ago, although the flash drive was re-imaged with a newer download of PureOS [not the same installer image that I got it with].

So I have these similar experiences. And I am sure other forum users have similar experiences. We might be able to help with good response time, but for example I don’t have a Librem Mini device. (Also, everything seems to be working fine for me, including the PureOS install that was present on my Librem 14 laptop by default.)

So, what I’m saying is it might go a long way to describe the nature of your problems in as technical a way as possible.


For me, when the hardware first boots I have the screen telling me to push ESC for boot menu

Then on boot menu, I have options to press for booting internal drive or flash drive:

I press 2 to boot flash drive, and it looks like this:

My flash drive boot screen looks like this if I boot Librem 14 laptop from the pureos installer flash drive.

But you said yours is different and says Casper and Gnome live. I am less familiar with that. Do we know why yours is different?

[Edit: Added more images for clarity. I am of course assuming that Librem Mini v2 is running the same stuff as Librem 14 hardware, so correct me if I’m wrong.]


But inevitably the question will arise: does the OP have Coreboot or Pureboot?

From your photo, you appear to have Coreboot i.e. Coreboot + SeaBIOS i.e. “classic” boot situation.

Maybe the OP can specify what firmware the device was ordered with?

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i dont have those nice self explanatory options mines got seven confusing items. Id print for ya but thats another machine. About all this its most likely due to my error but i have tried hard to resolve, any help getting to the simple install menu like yours appreciated, should be same as laptop options unless theres something else :slight_smile:

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mines got PureBoot , brought with the Librem key too which added to the learning curve but i just go around that now since tired of resetting it, will do at end once install is good

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seems there would be more options than the simple 3 referenced above and somehow ive ended up with them all

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Flashed it with Etcher too, followed instructions for that .

Followed this too Reinstalling PureOS, but just my boot menus not the same so dont know which to choose.

The first option reads like this but i aint typing all seven out someone here must know about PureBoot and why ive got a different live boot menu than the docs show -"Test_or_install_PureOS_[/ casper /vmlinuz]

Since i have no idea what casper is i dont know what a ghost wants with my install :-]

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It might be better to change the firmware (to Coreboot) now.

It may help to photograph what you are seeing and post it here, so that we can see what you see.

If you see an option “Test or install PureOS” then go with that.

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@lotty From reading the thread, I think you have an older PureBoot release. IIRC, it used to show the kernel path after the name of the boot option.

“Test_or_install_PureOS [/casper/vmlinuz]” is right if that’s what you’re seeing, select that. Newer releases don’t show the part in square brackets any more, that’s why the docs differ.

You might also want to update PureBoot: https://source.puri.sm/firmware/utility/#usage


Curating more accurate and concise documentation is on my list of actions as time allows.

I’ve created an internal ticket to document the interest for a live-chat support environment. I cannot guarantee timeliness of implementation at this time, but we hear you and agree that this is a feature that would benefit many customers and is worth looking into.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Mate at this stage i care only about getting the machine i paid for working, dont care about tickets, building forums, getting fobbed off by customer service with referral links to unmatched info-none of it !.
I need personal assistance, heres my JID Lotty@conversations.im i suggest for everyones sake you start treating me with some care i paid for cause ive gad a guts-full of the meaningless hoops and bollocks!!!

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Support had responded to your previous inquiry and will reach out again with more clarifying information. Any alternative communication methods must be negotiated through them.

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