Who here has already received their Librem 5?

Is there anyone here on this forum who is not a Purism insider who has already received your Librem 5 phone? If so, please let us know.

Ideally, you’ll be someone who only paid for your pre-order and who has never met a Purism officer nor employee, who is not a Purism contractor and who is not a Purism investor other than buying your phone and actually received it. If you’re an early adopter who has contributed to development of the phone, that’s okay. But let us know that too if that’s the case.

I am hoping to see if Purism has fulfilled any real orders from real customers like me yet, where you just pay your money and get your phone without having any insider connections (except I haven’t received mine yet).

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I don’t really understand the point behind your question… are you referring to the last dogwood batch or any L5 hardware revision in general?

Aspen was internal only, but Birch and Chestnut shipped already and there are people on this forum that reported they had received the phone, example: Got my Chestnut (in Sweden)

Use the search feature of the forum and you should be able to find some customer feedback.


The point behind the question is to do somewhat of an audit on Purism’s performance thus far. It’s enough at this point perhaps if only insiders have received their phones. Maybe a few people at this point who are not insiders should have already received their phones. But we have no shipping numbers from Purism and no way to know who the people are who do get their phones (insider or not). In the absence of these numbers, questions are a good thing. Any information from any batch from any outsiders is a good thing.

With Dogwood about to ship, I would expect at least some outsiders to be getting their phones sometime soon. If there are no outsiders found here who have received their phones by now but there are several later after Dogwood ships, that’ll be a good thing and a sign of some fulfilled promises. If there are no outsiders here who have received their phones by now and none here after Dogwood ships, that will not be as good. A good response now from outsiders who have already received their phones would be great news. This is not like a scientific study and the information may or may not mean a lot now. A few people without insider vs outsider status information getting their phones here already doesn’t say as much. But good news from outsiders is welcome any time. No specific information or vague information about salient questions eventually breeds skepticism unless those questions are adequately answered. But there is still plenty of time to see how things go. It would help if Purism was a bit better about communicating some of these things to us.


Sorry but could you elaborate what you mean with Insider and Outsider? I’m not sure I got your point here.
One is either a Purism employe or he isn’t. Is that what you are referring to?

All buyers that are not Purism employees would be treated the same way when it comes to getting your phone: that is mostly driven by when you placed your order. There are quite some blog post from Purism but indeed, volumes are not mentionned (if I’m not mistaken) - and hopefuly we don’t know who get their phones - so much for privacy.

I have. I ordered during the crowdfunding campaign. I am not a Purism employee, I have never met a Purism employee, I have no connections to Purism. I simply paid for the phone in 2017 and when asked about what batches I wanted I told them Aspen, Birch, then Chestnut. I then received a Chestnut Librem 5 in January of this year.

You didn’t ask for this, but I will say it anyway. While the L5 is not currently a phone I could give to non-techie people, it has made a lot of progress in the 6 months since I got it. Cellular phone calls and SMS are working, WIFI is working, the kill switches work as I expect. The camera is still not working, and audio out of the headphone jack is single channel (though that is improved from how it was a few months ago where one channel was static). So, I understand why people are worried, but there are L5s out in the world and development on them is making good progress.


I suggest that you change the title of this post to “Who here has already received their Librem 5?” That makes the question much clearer to me.

In answer to your question, I can recall a couple of Librem 5 owners who have posted on this forum and are not Purism employees, but none of them post regularly. One of them recently sold his Librem 5 on eBay. Do you want their usernames to ask them a direct question?

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The first post includes other categories of people as “insiders” e.g. contractors, investors. I would go further too and include media. The definition then goes on to include as “insiders” people who have met Purism employees, which is arguable.

Bottom line though is that there are some people who are not “insiders” and who have received their Librem 5. Whether they are active in this forum is up to them of course.

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Thanks to those who have responded here. Obviously, this is not a scientific poll. But there is some evidence of at least a few outsiders here receiving their phones already. Maybe we can check back on this thread after Dogwood ships.

One person here expressed a lack of understanding about the question in the original post, and again later about privacy concerns. I am not sure what he was trying to express since the questions were quite clear and any responses would be voluntary. Some outsiders with their new L5 should be willing to brag about it. I think it’s appropriate to ask these kinds of questions here until Purism decides to start releasing more information. I think that members of the media are also outsiders as long as they are as uninvolved with Purism’s business as much as any other outsider and are reporting objectively as real news.

The insider vs outsider issue becomes extremely relevant when other outsiders are still making critical ‘buying’ or ‘not-canceling’ business decisions. To distort or hide that kind of (insider vs outsider) information and accompanying relevant biases, from buyers or potential buyers would be highly unethical or likely illegal because insider bias of a satisfied L5 owner is relevant to the amount of risk involved in the business deal for the outsider. In a ‘group-think’ culture this detail could possibly be overlooked or mistakenly justified if no one brings it up in advance. Purism’s lack of communications alone aren’t exactly concealment of critical information if no one is asking the right questions or if Purism does not make untruthful statements or implications. As Purism ramps up (or doesn’t ramp-up) production in the Dogwood and Evergreen batches, this issue should resolve itself for all to see. But if it doesn’t resolve itself (lots of outsiders here who just got their new L5 in the mail), this question of insiders vs outsiders with their phones may become the most relevant. Hopefully some funding has been set aside to pay for mass production and hopefully demand skyrockets. Whether or not the product reviews are good isn’t so relevant. I knew when I placed my order that I probably wasn’t going to be getting a Samsung-quality finished product. If I receive my phone and if it makes calls and runs some programs, Purism will have succeeded. In the early stages, I think that it was a necessity for those who receive their phones to be the same people who are doing the development work on the phone. As production ramps up, a significantly higher percentage of those having and talking about their L5 phone should be outsiders. It’ll be fun to read all of those forum posts here.

Should Dogwood not be shipped in July? If this is the case, I would be glad about an Update from Purism.

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I took this reply to indicate that Dogwood notifications of shipping have been sent out.


Just from my side, @kieran and I agree: “There is nothing to be added to it.” But for some of us out there still having some doubts, I, anyway, took this statement (post) from @Richard as an official pre-shipment announcement. And yes, I took @lipu’s related post as shipment confirming information, great, thanks!

And sorry if disappointing someone but as currently not being in gamer or gambler modus I need to look at things “my way” as well, so any interpretations of two related posts may vary, but not much. In content? As written above, nothing.

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I guess I just misunderstood your post, thanks for the clarifications.

Also, if I remember correctly (and others might find some links to confirm that), the number of devices sold per batch (A to D) is growing from one batch to another. That means you would find more potential “outsiders” willing to report on a dogwood batch than on birch or chestnut, simply because more devices are sold.


Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think that information has ever been released.

Independently from planned quantities, you need to consider who was scheduled in previous batches and then chose Dogwood, and who was in Dogwood and then chose Evergreen: we have no data.

I regret the wording there, and have edited my post to better reflect the situation. TL;DR: Phone will not be on its way until August. Sorry for the inaccurate information.


No drama. So you have actually asked Purism to delay shipment by two weeks. Let us know even so when you receive your phone.

So we are still looking for an active Dogwood customer who has received a phone.


I have no idea how someone could not have understood your first post to begin with, unless they were trying to frustrate you into not pursuing your question. I just bought a new iPhone. Tired of the cat and mouse game and i’ve been told I cannot get a refund until I receive a shipping date via email. WTH is that?

I got mine but I bought it back in September 2017. If you bought one in 2018 or later you will be waiting a long time especially with the global chip shortage. Patience you must have.

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