WOW new gnome mobile looks incredible

there are two different options to get it on the phone.

  1. download an image ( and put it on sd card and boot from it.
    L5 Phone Dual boot
  2. build your own image (the two links in my previous post) on your pc and
    a) put it on sd card (and boot from it)
    b) flash it directly to the phone

i did 2b)
haven’t done the other installation methods but i can try to support you, if you want?

building the image on your own has the advantage that you can build most recent images with

  • phosh
  • gnome on mobile
  • plasma
  • etc.

next I’ll try plasma.

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Thank you. I need to get a linux laptop first I’m debating between librem14 or system76

On Librem5 I haven’t notice any difference. both, posh & gnome mobile are not as fluent as andriod and iphone.

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gnome on mobile uses gdm where phosh not.
in theory one could add another desktop like plasma or kodi-standalone to postmarketOS/gnome mobile.
i think pruism should transit to gdm giving the users the most freedom. more will happen!

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You should definitely post some video or screenshots here

if gdm provides option to pick session (phosh/gnome), then it still works

i read somewhere that phosh and gnome mobile will not work via gdm in parallel due to some library in-compatibility. the same libraries have differed.
if true, one of both currently!

with current phosh

  • no other window manager

with gnome mobile

  • all other window manger poosible, but NOT phosh

You’re already free to use gdm on your phone and have it launch phosh session instead of relying on phosh.service that’s used by default.


any plans to have it as default login screen?
it looks also better!

I am happy with what we have and would like to see Purism focused on other areas like power consumption, GPS services, etc.


& bluetooth (Bluetooth stuttering)

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ok nice so basically disable phosh.service and run gdm to pick session.

btw: is there a way to see Purism is working on?

Gnome shell mobile is still experimental, and it is not yet merged in to gnome proper. At the moment it is a patched version for development. There are still several quality of life features missing (that already exist in phosh) and several stuff to be sorted out.

In the Edge version of postmarketos provided for development.


Thanks joao

@janvlug that’s true and it shows nicely when things go to users devices and there’s also some upstream projects there like chatty, feedbackd and millipixels (although technically based on megapixels)

But another bunch of upstream work by Purism is done before that in other forges e.g in GNOMEs gitlab (e.g. at,, ), various kernel mailing lists, The DebianOnMobile team (on, libcamera , projects hosted on like mesa, etc. I don’t think we have a conclusive list.


There are some new developments on this front that came from the Belin Mobile Hackfest. This post summarizes the outcomes from the hackfest,, and the results were filed in this GitLab issue:

A post by on Mastodon demonstrates GNOME shell running on postmarketOS:

It’s unclear whether the efforts going into Phosh and GNOME shell efforts will be consolidated at this time, as described in the “Shell History and Discussion” section:

Another point on the agenda was longer-term planning for the shell. The Phosh/GNOME Shell question has been unaddressed for years, and we keep investing tons of time and energy into maintaining two shells that implement the exact same design.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough people from the Phosh side at the hackfest to do any actual planning, but we did discuss the history and current state of both projects. People also discussed next steps on the GNOME Shell mobile side, primarily making it clearer that the branch is maintained even though not fully upstream yet, giving it a proper README, having an issue tracker, and so on.


Thank you very much! It was a nice reading and really interesting.

i just want to add this link:

quote “For the first time, this stable release includes GNOME Mobile! If you haven’t followed the amazing progress that was made to bring GNOME to phones and tablets, see … video”

Linux App Summit 2023 - Day 2 - Room 1 - YouTube
it’s now in stable release of postmarketOS! check out this video!