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Could you tell me the recipe? I cannot find any instructions on the wiki

This might help:

I added this:

It is possible to manually enable VoLTE in the BM818 and test whether its VoLTE works with your cellular provider. Purism Support Technician João Azevedo reports that he knows that the BM818’s VoLTE works with two cellular providers in Germany and another one in Poland.

I added a link to the bug report with instructions.

Thanks for spotting that.

Would you mind editing §3.15 to clarify that part?

I agree that part was confusing. I changed it.

Well OK I had a hack at it.

The following isn’t technically out of date but the list in §5.2 could include the quantified, foreshadowed June 30 price rise, as mentioned in §5.12 (as long as it makes clear that the price rise is foreshadowed but not absolutely definite).

I added little pages about phosh and sqeekboard and placed them top-level. Also I added a link under “Apps” to this thread:

I noticed a minor thing in semantics. There is the Tips & Tricks section with the note “Quick start for new Librem 5 users”. I understand tips & trick as little things that make life easier while possibly not being obvious. Tips & Tricks can be useful for novel and experienced users. I didn’t look into the contents to much, yet so I don’t want to make a big deal out of it but it could in theory become two sections, if we have content for both.


Thanks @prolog, for adding these pages:

The key combinations for Phosh are helpful.

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This wiki is invaluable, amazing work everyone

In the FAQ, 5.11. What are the Librem 5 accessories and how can I avoid paying extra for the shipping? needs an update as I just got the following in my address/modem confirmation email; it worked fine:

Second, we have added a number of Librem 5 accessories that are in stock
and available now, like screen protectors, spare batteries, alternative
cellular modems, and many more.
Please visit
and place a separate order for all the accessories you would like
shipped with your Librem 5 phone.
Make sure to use:
as coupon code at checkout to save on shipping costs.

Of course the coupon code is not actually “HIDDEN” :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Zouzou, thanks for the info. I changed the FAQ text for 5.11.

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@evangelos.tzaras suggested to convert the provider list at to using org-mode style tables instead of HTML which is a bit easier to sort/edit. Any objections? Otherwise I (or @evangelos.tzaras would change it over).


No objections from me. I’m not the only one who has edited that page, but I’m sure everyone would welcome easier editing and display. It is awkward right now.



I can probably tackle this on sunday, but if someone wants to beat me to it I certainly would not object :wink:

No objections from me.

I’ve started with this and got the first 6 entries converted on my local repo,
but this will definitely take some more time.

Will push and ping once I’m done.


New page about troubleshooting docked mode.

Probably needs some proof reading…


I’d like to propose some re-ordering the overview page:

Hardware (description)
Software (description)
Compatability (providers, docks, batteries, etc. pp)
Troubleshooting (articles about how to find out more when it doesn’t work as expected)
History / Background

Another idea that came to me is to create an overview/index ordered by and describing the “runtime life cycle” of the Librem5 from inserting the battery or switching it on until battery drain or shutdown by the user.

This would be a nice way to touch each topic and put it into the context of a timeline how the phone boots and what happens during operation.

The overview could break down into ever more detailed descriptions of the single components of hardware and software.

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I made a few minor changes.

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Great! Thanks!

Here’s another one (that I wrote, because I didn’t understand “compositor”): Phoc vs Phosh

It is not complete and maybe never will be. It is supposed to invite to play around with phoc/phosh to get a grip of how they work and what they do (I’d still come back from time to time also to improve my understanding :wink: )

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Thanks very useful!

What I would like to know:
What of monitors (USB hub to monitor cables) are (should be) supported:

  • Display Link
  • HDMI (I know this works, because I have this at home)

I would like to determine why the USB port replicator that they have at my work does not function well. See Should video output work with Fujitsu USB Port Replicator PR09.