Estimate your Librem 14 shipping

Ordered Jan 4 and still no emails.

Ordered July 13th 2020. I just got my tracking email today. Hopefully others who are in the same boat are getting theirs.


Great news! What email address did the notification come from? I don’t see anything but perhaps my spam filter blocked it.

Thanks. I can finally retire my T430 :smile:

The email came from

Not yet for me.
Eventually I suppose that my L14 should be a “bricked” one that was hold during firmware debug and that is to be shipped this week according to this post:

So on April 13 @Kyle_Rankin wrote that Purism estimated that shipping parity would be obtained sometime in May, but it sounds like they are way, way off from that estimate:

Kyle_RankinPurism CSO
Apr 13
At the moment our estimate is that an order placed today would still ship within May, which means orders placed before today would have been shipped beforehand.

That thread was closed for good on May 7 and I can’t find any further updates from the company about the status of this estimate.
It doesn’t seem as if tho they are even close to it.
I ordered in September and have no update.

Last update was shipping parity in June, but that does not seem to be the case anymore, checking the store it says shipping in 6 weeks, which would mean July. I don’t expect to get my hands on my Librem 14 before late July/August.


But remember, that was based on the information available to them at the time and that information has changed and these are estimates not promises and they will provide updates when they have updates to share.

Did I miss anything…


Also customers are placing orders and that might change estimates.


Date Ordered: August 6, 2020
Address Confirmation Email: May 18, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation: May 18, 2021
Shipping Notification: June 21st Notification

Note: Asked it shipping without RAM or M.2 would speed things up, answer = they cannot ship without either of those. Should ship sometime in June.

Update: Order Shipped June 22nd 2021



  • Memory (DDR4): 32GB (2x16GB)
  • Storage (M.2 SSD): 1TB (NVMe Pro)

Date Ordered : September 6, 2020
Address Confirmation Email : June 1, 2021
Receipt of Address Confirmation : June 1, 2021
Email with Tracking Number : …
Estimated delivery date from DHL : …


ORDER: Sept 18, 2020

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Wow so very nearly two months from the address confirmation? Wow.

Ordered a Librem 14 on sept 17 2021. Got an address confirmation email today - June 1.

you got the address confirmation email or the shipping tracking information?

Got my address confirmation email today June 1st

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Ordered Sept. 27th, got an address confirmation today (June 1st)
Hopefully it ships in the next two weeks, I’m just excited to finally get it, but it’s looking like it’s gonna arrive when I’m out of town lol

Sorry! Address confirmation

I got address confirmation 2 weeks ago, no shipping info yet, if that helps.