Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

I am not sure if this thread is already outdated… anyway, I am so excited about my arrived Librem5 I have to share the news :smile:

Ordered: 15th September 2017
Shipping estimate email: 26th January 2021
Shipping estimate: within 2 weeks (27th January - 10th February 2021)
Received: 22nd February 2021

A note to the shipping: It got shipped on the 5th of February for the first time but DHL returned it to Purism right away (might be because I ordered a spare battery and DHL had problems with the Li battery declaration). But the Purism support kept me informed and finally it shipped again on the 18th of February.

By the way: it got delivered to Germany. Customs was not an issue, DHL handled everything. DHL emailed me and I had to pay in total 134.53€ online for VAT and handling fees (24.4€). The VAT also includes the taxes for my accessories order (92$, spare battery, screen protector, 64GB SD card, PGP card).

Now I only need more time for doing some development on it or at least help somewhere. How I would love to be a student again and have all that free time for projects :laughing: (I don’t want to say students don’t work hard, I just had more time back then than now…)


yes typo (corrected), thanks for pointing it out

DHL Express emailed you in advance?? Do you have a DHL Express/business account?
My delivery man just showed up at the door and demanded the exact amount of VAT/fees in cash (no spare change). My existing account on was irrelevant as DHL is a separate entity from DHL Express.

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oops ! looks like the ministry of security from your country decided to deliver the L5 in person to your door by impersonating a DHL employee :rofl:


Just added mine to the shipment list. For the record:
Backing date: 2017-09-17
Shipping announcement mail: 2021-01-26
Shipping: 2021-02-18
Arrived: 2021-02-25 (Germany, after 5 days in customs, cost was EUR 113.48)


Here’s my record:

Backing date: 2017-09-17
Shipping announcement mail: 2021-01-29
Shipping: 2021-02-10
Delivered: 2021-02-18 (Germany. Had to pay 125 EUR in cash, mostly custom)


Don’t forget to update the table at the beginning of this thread:


Backing date: 2017-09-17
Shipping announcement mail: 2021-01-26
Shipping: 2021-02-08
Delivered: 2021-03-01 (Germany. Payed 112 EUR via Paypal)


Today I received my Librem 5.

Backing date: 2017-09-19
Shipping announcement mail: 2021-02-15
Shipping: 2021-02-23
Delivered: 2021-03-01 (Austria Had to pay 128.19 EUR in cash, mostly custom)


That is about 20% TAX (mostly VAT and DUTY.). and probably “Handling fee”…
The average for the EU coutries i think.


I just received my unit today, so let’s add another data point.

Backing Date: 2017-09-24
Shipping Announcement: 2021-02-26
Shipped: 2021-03-05
Delivered: 2021-03-10


On the basis of the info in this thread, it appears that since the L5 Evergreen was released on 11/18/20, that Purism will have shipped ~1,000 phones in 4 months or ~250 phones/month or ~8-9 phones/day. Is that what we’re seeing here?

By the way, does anyone know how many each of Aspen, Birch, Chestnut, and Dogwood were shipped prior to Evergreen?

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Wait they’ve only shipped one month worth of orders in total? I ordered like somewhere in januari 2019, it’ll take years before i get mine at this rate. man I’ve been patient for a long time, but this is pretty disappointing.


I don’t understand why it is so difficult for so many people to understand that when 50% of orders are placed in 3 months and the other 50% are spread over 3 years that it will take longer to get through the first 3 months than the following 6 months… Measuring shipping progress based on order date is massively flawed and will result in wildly inaccurate estimates of future shipping and of shipping progress.

With that said, I think it would be easier for people to understand if Purism was transparent about the order shipping progression showing #X/Y progress instead of obfuscating order numbers so that this kind of progress tracking is required to involve some amount of guesswork.

This information is also obfuscated and not published anywhere. Also based on what individual customers have shared it does not appear that A-D batches were 100% First In First Out. This is inferred from incomplete information due to lack of transparency on this front.

And to head off some of the counterarguments, yes I know that Purism is more transparent on this than pretty much every other company, however being more transparent doesn’t mean it’s unreasonable to acknowledge when there is something where there isn’t transparency.

I have also estimated 250/month instead of the 500/month I’ve seen commented elsewhere. There have also been comments on this rate increasing but I haven’t taken the time to try to estimate the increased rate of shipping or month over month shipping rates… Those would be nice numbers to have and would normally provide meaningful insight into shipping estimates.

The big wildcard is of course the chip shortages which mean that at any point shipping may slow/stop due to lack of parts which is mostly beyond purisms control.

At the current estimated shipping rate I’m looking at between 8 and 16 months for delivery, I’m hopeful that shipping rates will improve and that the supply will stay available… But hey it’s at least less time remaining than time passed at this point.


500 phones/month was the throughout they seemed to have reached at the end of January, not an average. It resulted from their shipping estimates emails.

So, the question is: do they ship according to those reliable estimates given at the end of January for the period until May or delays have occurred?

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And there doesn’t seem to be any shipping delays so far!

This is not difficult to understand per se :slight_smile: , the problem is just that this is basically all we have to go by.

The information I’ve gotten from purism usually turns out to be wrong when it comes to shipping dates, which is to be expected for a project of this size. But currently though, it has come to the point where it’s become laughable. When I (and i guess the same is true for many other backers) ordered this phone, it was to be the first fully free gnu/linux smartphone, made for consumers to be repairable etc. that’s still a great goal, except it’s hard not to compare it with things like the pinephone, which has beaten the librem 5 at (almost) every front, most notably in terms of availability. It’s a phone you can actually buy and receive.
I wouldn’t want one of those, because of it’s lack of focus on software freedom (I still love the project for what it is), but it kind of makes it apparent that purism just bit of way more than they could chew. The preorder date was literal years ago now, and we are almost at a point now where even though purism works on the software, the librem 5 in itself isn’t going to shape the market for mobile linux software as much as it’s alternatives already are. Purism has created a great set of tools that are already actively in use, but it’s starting to look like they’ve produced too little too late when it comes to the hardware :frowning:
/rant apologies for this entire thing in advance. I’ll get over the disapointment of seeing these numbers in a day or so.

What?? … it’s off-topic, but come on! are you kidding?


“one” referring to the pinephone. The software freedom part is what has drawn me to the librem 5 in the first place :slight_smile: open source hardware drivers and operating system are a great selling point for the librem 5.

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yeah, same as pinephone.

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