Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

When you get to know Purism too well, unfortunately…

I wrote that on Nov 25, 2021.

And of course, they don’t acknowledge it and they don’t care about Librem 5 customers. Those have already been a low priority after L14 and L5 SUA.

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Believe me, Librem 5 USA is also getting shafted.

It’s pretty obvious from their last news post, that they aren’t going to ship new Librem 5 in 2022.


Why, what do you mean?

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They talk about Librem 5 in 2022. They talk only about software development in 2022 but not about hardware deliveries. That is in the first post dedicated to 2022 year. Many of us has Q1 2022 as shipping estimate, we are already well in Q1 but they haven’t shipped anything in the last 2 months and they don’t talk about it in “Librem 5 in 2022”. No new estimates have happened on Librem 5 old orders that didn’t have one (like those from 2019). For the last 3 months, their shop page for L5 still shows a 52 weeks lead times for new order, which demonstrates it was just a lie.

They don’t care anymore about L5.


If I may, just perhaps, this might mean (from my very distant perspective), yet and for certain means nothing for real, that @eugenr is the next one in long waiting line to get his Librem 5 delivered and relatively sad with this latest Purism article, retrospecting and introducing things to happen in 2022, not extending or mentioning anything about when Librem 5 is about to be …

What might be very obvious to someone is unrelated to some other person:

@eugenr, thanks for this important update, as you linked us to it! Linked to what counts at this point of time (software related). And, IMHO, meaning of obvious here is way more related to something of a personal character (current state of mind), and certainly not something to be taken wrongly.

It seems like at least 600+ Librem 5 have arrived at Purism, so they can fulfill probably all remaining 2017 orders and quite a few 2018 orders.


Where you got the number of 600+?

I meditated over the photo :stuck_out_tongue:


Photo looks like twice of what you said. :yum:

10x 3x4x5+5 x2 = 1300 … or maybe
10x 3x5x5+5 x2 = 1600 … :thinking:

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In the replies in twitter there is someone with the order date October 22 2017. Mine ones delivered last year October 1st, were from October 7 and 9 2017. I.e. the shipment stopped some where in the queue before October 22 2017.

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My order from Sept. 4, 2018 has been delayed from Q1 to Q2 2022:

“We have not yet reached your place in the shipping queue. We expect to reach it in Q2 of this year.”

I got that two days ago, from Support, while fighting for my refund.
My order info still says Q1 2022.

Amazing! Keep up the good work Purism!

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Hopefully after the weekend is over Purism will post details/updates. Still, good news for those who are still waiting. :slight_smile:

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I’m wondering why they posted this photo of all these boxes in twitter and not here in this forum or even as a post…


Or even here:

More eyeballs on Twitter, I guess. Unfortunately.


Pretty bloody depressing if you ask me.

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twitter before …that’s twisted man


My order was on 2017-10-20, but I haven’t had a shipping e-mail yet. However, there are other people who ordered on the same day as me, but received theirs in November last year. I think that gives us a pretty good idea where the end of the queue is.

Maybe mine is in this new batch (modem availability permitting). :pray:


What on earth is Purism doing?
Communicating such news using only Twitter?
Are we backers suddenly only reachable on Twitter?
I have chosen for the L5 because of privacy concerns and because of these concerns I have chosen not use Twitter, Facebook and equivalents.
Maybe my assumption is wrong when I expect that Purism has somehow the same point of view.