Installation failed - please help


Hi community,

I tried to install PureOS, unfortunately without suceess. Here is what I did:

Created an install drive as described here.

Using Win10 I created a blank partition on my hard drive (32 GB) and formated it with NTFS.

During Installation process I chose this blank partition for installation (step 5 in installation guide). After reviewing all definitions I started the installation. After approx. 10 min. I got following error message:

Since I am not able to interpret what I can read I urgently need your support. Thank you a lot in advance.

P.s.: Besides this problem PureOS is obviously not able to recognize my network card / wifi hardware. Because I don not have the opportunity to connect to a wifi.

For further information helpful to help me, please do not hesitate to post.


Your disk has a GPT partition table, for a Linux system to be able to install a bootloader you need to have a “BIOS boot” partition. It can be a 1 MB partition on the start of the disk, but requires bios_grub flag assigned to it.

More info:


@mladen: Thank you for your reply.

How to do that? In installation guide there I have several options. I used “replace a partition”. Should I use “manual partitioning” instead? My understanding of this option is, that all data from disk will be deleted by this.

So how to handle? I am obviously no expert.


Since you probably want to retain the existing Windows partiton—then this is not a job for non experienced user. I strongly advise you to backup all your data!

If you wish to proceed: start PureOS live (download the latest tested ISO image: and install gparted via Tilix terminal using the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install gparted

Then start it and refer to manuals:, to move or resize the first partition of your disk to create empty space of 1 MB (sufficient) to create another partition. Then in options assign bios_grub flag to that partition.

You probably won’t be able to boot windows after this, but if you manage to install PureOS and if you install bootloader successfully, it will contain Windows entry as well.