List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

gnome-mpv is what celluliod used to be called. In PureOS amber it is still gnome-mpv but in Byzantium is celluliod as for the differences in the two apps that you showed, where some panels did not completely fit the screen.
Flatpaks ship their own version of GTK3, in their runtimes. PureOS uses a patched version of GTK3 that it ships in the distribution. Those patches are what makes the window in question fit the screen perfectly in gnome-mpv and the lack of those patches in the flatpak runtime is what make it not adaptive with celluliod (flatpak version). If you install celluliod from the distribution repos in Byzantium, then the window fits, because that uses our patched version of GTK3.
This issue happens with some flatpak version of some applications.
GTK3 was frozen for a long time in the process to transition to GTK4 which was why these patches did not make it upstream at the time.


Thanks for that background, @joao.azevedo. It’s very helpful to know and understand these things, so please keep monitoring and explaining if you have the time.

I’m thinking of switching to Byzantium soon (as long as it’s not too difficult for me to understand how to do it).


working on my L5, neat

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Add Hours and Minutes (flatpak):

The colon is inserted automatically dependent on how many digits are entered:

The C button can clear digits until you hit =, but it doesn’t clear the screen after the calculation is complete. Multiple calculations stack:

No need to make your brain hurt:

The good stuff:

Also available for Android. This app fit the L5’s screen perfectly.


Is Stellarium already working?

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Some info Stellarium on Librem 5


I’ve been looking for a Python IDE for a while now. Thonny is the most usable on Librem 5 so far.

When launched it doesn’t appear on the screen, you get an empty desktop, but rotating back and forth the screen makes it fit almost perfectly on the screen.


Personally I think for development convergence and connection to a monitor is preferable. The L5 is still a perfect device for portability.

(At the moment I use Spider as Python EDI: is free and provides good support - even graphics output with math-plot)

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How does it fit on the L5 screen? Please, post some screenshots

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Ha that would be good. Still eagerly waiting for my L5 (My order is from August 2018, so maybe X-mas).

OT Spyder probably not a good fit for L5 screen, needs convergence monitor. What I meant is that Spyder is an excellent Python EDI for Linux systems (and free).
I use Thonny on rsbpi’s only for hacking corrections.

In web apps, the Desmos graphing calculator feels as though it was made for this phone. It works much better in portrait than landscape though. (In landscape mode, Desmos’ built in keyboard covers the entire browser window, so you can’t really see what you’re doing.)


Just wanted to mention here that today I tried a couple of screen recorder flatpaks - Blue Recorder and Peek. They “sort of” work, in that they start/record/stop and then save a video file, but the file plays back as a totally black screen with no video. Also, the UIs are not totally usable. Anybody have suggestions for other screen recorders to try?

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OpenTodoList (flatpak):

Dark mode…and custom scaling, although this app already adapts nicely to the L5’s screen:

This is a great app with a lot of intuitive functionality and it works flawlessly right out of the box.


Looks good. Does it allow you to set reminders and notify when the due date approaches?

I think it does, but I haven’t tested that yet. If you check the short video on their website, you can see reminders can be set for varying intervals:

I don’t see a way to set a time-of-day reminder for any ToDo item, but then that particular functionality is available in the L5’s Clock app.

Edit: Also, there might be more options if you sync your ToDos to an online account.

Most screen-recording software is still only working with X, and we need one that works with wlroots-based wayland compositors here. wf-recorder (it’s packaged in Byzantium, don’t know about Amber) would do it, it does not have a GUI though. The Mobian Wiki has a fun yad GUI script for that purpose though.

PS: Thanks for testing OpenTodoList, I’ve added it to LINMOBapps since!


Thanks, Peter! That explains it.

Kali comes with a screen recorder ready to use out of the box. The only thing I read is that the record duration was limited but the limit could be extended or abolished by configuration. I don’t know the name but here people talk about it.

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Confy (flatpak):

Browse conference schedules; talks by day, track, or room; receive notifications just before start.

Fully scrollable:

Seems to be fully functional, with an occasional dialog box not centering properly (easily fixable by turning the screen once).


FWIW confy is packaged in byzantium, and was supposed to be in amber-phone as well since a few weeks ago, but apparently nobody noticed that the build has failed there :smiley: I just pushed a fix, so amber-phone should receive it soon as well.