List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

Free42, an HP-42S calculator simulator, seems to be fully functional and fits on the Pinephone’s screen. It could use a patch to scale the UI up to use the entire screen, but works and fits as-is.


Kasts is a flatpak podcast subscribing and listening app

Some of the Setting text is truncated in portrait mode but does show up in landscape mode.

These are some subscriptions

These are episode lists

Kasts plays on the lockscreen (and also with the screen off)

So far Kasts works really well.


I’m unable to run it on the L5, it looks like it’s designed for a different chipset:
-bash: ./free42bin: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

I should have mentioned, you have to recompile it. It’s built for x86_64 by default.


Metronome (flatpak; designed by Purism’s Adrien Plazas, Lead GTK dev):

Note the “Designed for your device” label! :slightly_smiling_face:

Set various (simple) time signatures and beats per minute; plays a pleasant clip-clop sound:

This dialog box for Keyboard Shortcuts is too wide for the screen until you scale down to 1.5x, but no biggie:

Nice work, @adrien.plazas …Thanks!


Mousai (flatpak; “Designed for your device”):

This is an app similar to Shazam (commercial) and SongRec (flatpak, see test run, up thread), which can recognize the audio of songs.

Song recognition is hit or miss, with some well-known songs being recognized, while other well-knowns (as in popular, historical FM radio songs) are not. Example: Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer:

More obscure songs don’t seem to get matched, either.

That might have to do with this info, from the app description:
“Note: This uses the API of, so it is necessary to log in to their site to get more trials.”


and it looks like it’s not for free. From the website:


Weather (KDE; flatpak):

Very nice weather app; sizes perfectly to the screen. The background is dynamic (i.e. in motion). Looks like it will find your current location, too, assuming no GPS issues. [Edit: Colors adjust to time of day and weather conditions.]

(By the way, GNOME Weather hasn’t been able to retrieve the forecast for many months now.)


Dude a cool way to shill bitcoin :ok_hand: :sunglasses::+1:

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I’ d love to have a flatpak version of Samourai wallet, so if you find one let me lnow amd I’ll review it :wink:


eOVPN (flatpak):

Panel slides left & right:

Download config zip from provider, and import:

Dialog boxes size perfectly:

Except this one for Keyboard Shortcuts, which has to be scaled down to 1.5x:

I haven’t tried importing a VPN configuration yet.


Only in amber-phone; it works in byzantium (a recent flatpak should work on amber-phone as well).


But when will Byzantium finally be there?

About now - already defaults to flashing byzantium, and the new phones are being flashed with byzantium images now.

There’s no official upgrade path from amber-phone to byzantium yet though, so you should either do a backup-reflash-restore cycle, wait for upgrade instructions to arrive or try it on your own and take responsibility for any breakage :wink:


Messaging on Telegram works fine but I cannot see what I’m typing. The posh keyboard hides the text box inside telegram so you need to minimise the keyboard to check for any spelling mistakes.

Thank You. I will consider what I will do.

I had the same problem, there’s a setting that fixes it. I’m not sure what was it, maybe is Setting -> Advanced -> Use system window frame

if you installed the desktop telegram application from the PureOS repositories then you should be able to use the terminal command:

scale-to-fit telegramdesktop on

To make it fit the screen.


Huh?? How does this work? Does it work with all applications?

not necessarily there is a phoc (window composer) script called scale-to-fit it can make an application fit on the display:

scale-to-fit APPLICATION-ID on

With telegram it works ok, because it is only a small difference, basically scaling it down to 90%. With other applications there might be a bigger difference. And some non adaptive applications can look really small with this.