List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

Unfortunately that failed to launch after I installed it. Sorry.


I not a Librem 5 user yet, but for that purpose I’ll use a oneliner script like this.
watch 'nmcli -f "CHAN,BARS,SIGNAL,SSID" d wifi list ifname wlan0 | sort -n' you can put it in an alias or even create a .desktop file that opens a terminal with the script from the app grid easily.

It will look like this in the terminal:

1     ▂___  27      NETWORK 1
1     ▂▄▆_  57      NETWORK 2
6     ▂▄▆█  100     NETWORK PRINTER
6     ▂▄▆_  77      NETWORK 3
11    ▂▄__  47      NETWORK 4
11    ▂▄▆_  57      NETWORK 5
36    ▂▄__  44      NETWORK 6
36    ▂▄__  50      NETWORK 7
40    ▂___  24      NETWORK 8
48    ▂▄▆_  63      NETWORK 9

It doesn’t look fancy but it should work, @amosbatto could you try it? wlan0 should be replace by the network interface name in the Librem 5.


Cool command, but I don’t yet have a Librem 5 to try it. Perhaps @amarok or @lipu can try it for you.

Sorry I don’t know why but I thought you have it already.

i just tried it in a Terminal.
Works without modification.


CherryTree ( with gsettings set sm.puri.phoc.application:/sm/puri/phoc/application/cherrytree/ scale-to-fit true applied; usable, but small):

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Works for me, too. Nice.

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Sun Clock (Xll application. Landscape mode works pretty well w/o adjustment; preferences seem to be responsive - 3rd screenshot is item “M” in the pref. bar, not “A”):

Portrait mode, not so much:




Pithos (Pandora client):


Prepaid Manager:


Trezor open-source hardware crypto wallet. For installation instructions, Trezor and Librem 5




Marble (mostly functional - globe spins):

Zoom slider doesn’t respond to touch, but 2-finger zoom works:

Zoom out reveals constellations:

Pleasantly surprised that this app mostly works!
Tested in off-line mode. This is a flatpak.


Orage (XFCE; mostly functional on L5):

May require some slight scaling down:

Directional controls at top required; can’t drag or scroll:

Landscape mode doesn’t help much, due to lack of scrolling ability.

I only include this app here because calendar is so important. Since it’s apparently functional enough, it may work for the interim until something better is adapted.


GNOME Calendar (for comparison; much scaling down required, because it’s unscrollable at the moment):



Are you configured on the L5 to use a network scanner? Or you connected a scanner via USB to the L5?

Hmmm. Scanning seems a bit more advanced than I would probably be tackling in the early days (for my own needs) but I suppose it emphasizes the “general-purpose-computer-in-your-pocket” angle.

Did you actually scan anything?

No, I didn’t try to connect or scan anything myself. I was just interested in illustrating the concept. The app looks like it would work fine, though.

Portfolio (flatpak)

Seems you can’t browse the whole filesystem


For the curious, I tested LibreOffice Write, Draw, and Impress, as these might be useful for on-the-road work. They all fit the screen well, but they’re unfortunately extremely buggy, with menu items sometimes blanking out randomly, frequent freezing, drawing-objects not working, and not all controls being responsive.

Write seems like it could almost work: menu items open the usual controls, and you can mostly scroll through the long menus. Typing works, but selecting and changing style seems a bit problematic.

I’m going to say these are not ready for prime time; I’ll look for alternatives.


Something related to your work. I tested MS Word (Android App) on Anbox in the VirtualBox image for PureOS. It worked fine.


You could try “abiword”. I didn’t use it much. It is the default word processor of LXDE / LXQT. (Love it) Probably it has a low footprint and that’s the reason. This could be a place to look for other slim programs. I think they also have a spreadsheet program, just don’t remember the name. Maybe I can look it up tomorrow.

Btw. I tried “arandr” on PP PMOS and it seems to fit the screen. I didn’t had a second monitor to experiment.

Also I used “Okular” to read a PDF. It has classical menus which may not be optimal for finger touch but I had no problems with that. The open file dialog did not fit the screen but worked for me. The PDF (625 pages, includes graphics) read worked fine. Thank of phosh / phoc even modal dialogs are real separate windows and can be closed like that, where in android you can only go back and forth. Multiple browser windows on phone! \o/

And does “Feeds” work for you? It used to work for me but now the news won’t get displayed anymore. After selecting one from the list there is only empty white space and the top bar.

I write that here because so that you can try it on the L5 if you like to.

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