List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

Odd: apt search “.*bleachbit.*” finds only a single entry:

    $ sudo apt search '.*bleachbit.*'
    Sorting... Done
    Full Text Search... Done
    bleachbit/amber 2.0-3 all
      delete unnecessary files from the system

… so I wonder where the store is finding “BleachBit (as root)”. Anyway, after “sudo apt install bleachbit”, I too see both regular & root versions in the App Drawer, and like you I found the root version never launched. Digging a bit:

$ grep '^Exec=' /usr/share/applications/bleachbit*
/usr/share/applications/bleachbit-root.desktop:Exec=pkexec bleachbit

When I open a terminal & run “bleachbit”, it works fine, but with “pkexec bleachbit”, a GUI password prompt (for user “purism”) is presented, and my login credential is accepted, but it nevertheless errors out with “Could not open X display”. Setting environment variables WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-0 and DISPLAY=:0 does not change anything. I get the same error with “sudo bleachbit”, but that’s no surprise: says “there are currently no plans to support running graphical apps with sudo under Wayland, and it seems quite unlikely that this will change anytime soon”.


Stacer work?

This doesn’t appear to be available through apt.

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Reminduck (flatpak):

If you just need a non-complex reminder app with daily, weekly, monthly, and repeating options, this will work. It just needs to be scaled down a little.

Unfortunately, despite promising to quack like a duck, it doesn’t actually walk the talk. There was no auditory notification. (Very disappointed… hhhhhhhhh:no_mouth:)

It did trigger the blinking blue LED, though, and as you can see, the printed notification was there. That may be enough for most situations.

(I did verify this app was set for sound & vibration in the L5 Notifications settings, and that the system sounds were up, but it didn’t help.)


You know, I’m all about that quack, about that quack - no ring-tone…” [with apologies to ms.Trainor]
Is this silent alarm only duck related or can you get audio alarms from other sources, apps? Alarm clock?

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Here’s a non-GUI application that functions well: ProtonMail Bridge.

I got ProtonMail Bridge running on the Pinephone and was able to sync with Geary and Evolution. If someone who already has their phone could confirm it works for the L5, that would be appreciated. Bridge seems to be fully functional. It’s not officially supported for arm64 and you won’t find it packaged in any repositories, but cloning the source and building with GOARCH=arm64 make build-nogui works without any problems once you have the build toolchain. The resulting binary can be run with protonmail-bridge & to run as a background process or protonmail-bridge -c for CLI configuration.

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Works fine for me with Thunderbird on PinePhone too

The clock alarm works fine:

I looked through this thread and didn’t see it but Feeds (RSS app) looks like it will work pretty well on the L5.

I presented the flatpak version up this thread a ways.


GNOME Maps (flatpak):

Nice feature (also adjusts to chosen orientation):

Doesn’t fit so well here, but…

Scale down to 1.5 to get complete view:

Pinch-to-zoom works, if not very smoothly. Predictive place name functions quickly. Pleasantly surprised this app works so well.


Nice ! Can it show your actual position using the GPS ?

Not yet, but things are looking up:

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I think the best part of this topic is learning about new programs that I can install today on my linux system that I never knew existed. Perhaps I spend too much time in the cli…


If you’re desperate to run bleachbit as root, here’s what I suspect is a rather reckless way to do it on a librem5. Info was gleaned from .

  1. env | grep '^DISPLAY=' >/dev/null || export DISPLAY=:0 # it’s not set for ssh sessions
  2. sudo apt install x11-xserver-utils # to get xhost
  3. xhost si:localuser:root # grant temporary priv to root
  4. sudo bleachbit
  5. xhost -si:localuser:root # revoke temporary priv from root

If what is above works, then you could change the Exec=pkexec bleachbit line in /usr/share/applications/bleachbit-root.desktop to this:
Exec=sh -c 'xhost si:localuser:root && sudo bleachbit && xhost -si:localuser:root'

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Does not quack on Manjaro Desktop either.


How does it rate against PureMaps?

PureMaps is definitely more full-featured: it has options that GNOME Maps doesn’t, such as searching for nearby venues; more types of map overlay; auto-centering; etc.

At the moment, the plain road map display is still broken in PureMaps, so I have to choose a hybrid overlay (road labels plus satellite view).

It’s good to have both apps, though. I even installed OpenStreetMap as a web app, as well.


Metadata Cleaner (flatpak):

Selecting a pic from directory to remove its metadata:

Incomplete view, but still usable:


What about bitwarden and jellyfin?