List of Apps that fit and function well [Post them here.]

Both are usable but not optimised and not currently a particularly good experience. My experience is based on Mobian on Pinephone but it should be pretty much the same on the L5.

Bitwarden desktop electron can be installed from flathub and runs. It’s pretty slow and clunky though and electron apps in general display slightly blurred (if they run at all). So it’s possible to open it and copy a password from it but if you’re expecting the Android/iOS autofill experience you’ll be disappointed.

Jellyfin works via MPV shim ( or web browser. In both cases performance isn’t really good enough to make this suitable for daily use either, both in terms of scrolling around the interface and in terms of video playback but this may be better on the L5 than the PP given it’s better GPU.


Also worth upvoting this issue

Seahorse (aka “Passwords and Keys”) can be made to work by changing orientation and/or reducing the scale a bit.

(Dark theme)

Note the marked solution in this thread, which describes how to use the terminal keyboard version to execute a right-click, which may be needed at times:


Thanks for that. I think I’m using the Gnome keyring with Geary but hadn’t got around to finding out whether I could use Seahorse to browse keys etc.

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Okular document viewer (flatpak)…without scaling down:

Menus fit:

Settings menu:

“Reading” a .png…of itself:

I did experience a freeze when trying to open the .png from Okular’s File menu. I was able to open the .png from Nemo, though.

Edit: The freeze happened when, from Okular’s File menu, I was attempting to open Pictures directory to get a .png. I mistakenly tried “Open” to enter the Pictures directory. I think Okular was instead trying to open that directory as the viewed file. The correct way would have been for me to first double-tap Pictures, then Open the .png.
Also, once a file is opened for viewing in Okular, the File menu stays grayed out, so you can’t close the document or the app. It’s corrected by minimizing the app, then maximizing. Still usable, though.

Related discussion: App for showing png-screenshots


I’ve reorganized the list at the top of the thread into categories.


Forum member @johan-bjareholt’s elegant and excellent app is out of beta.

Simple Diary (flatpak):

See this thread: [APP] Simple Diary
Nice work, Johan!
Built-in dark mode, too.


GDebi package installer (scaled to 1.5x):

Navigate to the file location:

Helpful error messages and instructions:

I didn’t actually install anything.
You can, of course, install .deb packages from the terminal, but if you don’t feel like typing, this is useful.

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okular is so old from the amber repos. It is version 1.2.3 or something like this when the current version is 20.12.3. Why it is so old…? This is one of the reasons I had to move my L13 from amber to byzantium, but I do not want to do this on L5.

Okular is a needed pdf viewer because it is the only one that can check digital signatures with ease. The flatpak version seems that needs a lot of space (or I misread the information it gives before confirmation?)

Because this is how Debian works: either you have a stable and old software or vice versa:

So from the ice ages that okular was in version 1 until now that it is in version 20 there has been no Debian stable release? This is hard to believe. Something must be very wrong with okular in Debian.

From looking at Okulars webpage, it seems like they changed the versioning after 1.11 to 20.12. Version 1.2 is from August 2017 so it’s still old, but it’s not ancient.

Still, it is many years.

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There has been a new Debian release. But to use it you need to switch to Byzantium AFAIK.

Actually, there has not been one YET. Amber is based on the current stable release. Bullseye which byzantium is based upon is still not
released, hut hopefully will be soon.

Buster has 17.12.2-2.2 and bullseye has 20.12.3-1

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GNOME Disks:

Perfect fit, resizable divider, all the usual functions.


Wordbook (flatpak):

Choose British or American pronunciation:

Correctly identified different British/American pronunciations for “laboratory”; voice sample is computer-generated, from espeak:

Some British/American differences may not be accurate; I believe the Brits pronounce this word with first-syllable stress, not second:

Lists common usages, colloquialisms, synonyms; this is a random word search:

Built-in dark mode. Look up a single word or a phrase.
Useful app for students of English.


GNOME Characters (flatpak):

All kinds of useful and fun stuff:

Select an image and the “Copy” dialog pops up. Then just paste it in a document, message (once MMS is working), email, etc. (And in Terminal, where applicable.)

Pages and pages of punctuation symbols:

Various currencies:

International diacritics:

You can also filter by specific fonts:

I can imagine this app will be a must-have for many users; it maybe fills in some gaps and is ultra-easy to use. If you don’t have the L5 or Pinephone yet, you can check it out in Debian-based repos on your computer.
Note: This GNOME Characters flatpak works great on the L5 as is, whereas the older GNOME Character Map (Debian) just isn’t very usable, due to scale.

P.S. The search box, which would normally pull up an item, e.g. “pizza,” just by searching for its name, doesn’t appear to be working.
And the copy dialog doesn’t have a closing method (e.g. “X” in the corner), so you have to minimize, then dismiss it…which is true of many apps I’ve tested on the L5.


GNOME Video Downloader (flatpak):

Input a URL and choose a resolution:

A video:

Video playing in VLC (my default):

Edit: For demo only. Video deleted afterward. :wink:


I’ve got one in development here:

I’m a total n00b at GTK/Application development, so I’d love some feedback on how to make it better.
I am making it with the L5 in mind, though I hope to add in the adaptive scaling so that it can be used on like Pinephone or a future Linux tablet and look better.

I have run it on my L5, and it worked, but it ran really slowly. I think this was just because my L5 was hot, but I’ll try to keep chipping away at it when I get time.