[MyL5] Librem 5 for sale

If it has an nAmerican Modem, it can’t be used in Europa, right?

Youd want to check here but most likely it would only have limited supoort: https://puri.sm/faq/supported-networks/

It’s an ascii way to draw . In the same way that e' is used to denote é. This is because, first typewriters, then early computers had no way to write all the symbols you might want. The modern solution to this is “unicode”, but adoption of that has only really taken off in the last 10 years.

Note that the logic symbol for “not” is ~, so you will also find a handful of languages that use ~= to say “not equal”. And == is used to say “this may be equal” (as in, it’s a true or false statement), while = by itself means “make this equal”.

<> is still the standard way to say “not equal” (or rather “greater than or less than”) in MS office compatible spreadsheet programs.

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Well… you could replace it :slight_smile:

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… and since we are beating the hell out of this one … you can always bring the symbol for “not” out the front and stick with the equals operator

e.g. !(a == b)

Don’t need no stinking not-equals operator. :wink:


No one, who has a phone, has traveled and definitively tested (or at least reported about it openly) but there should be some connectivity in some areas. There is some overlap on the bands (shown here best) and it depends on what networks you use. Interestingly, if voice is the main thing you want to make sure works, PLS8-US and BM818-E1 and -T1 have that covered best. As @Caliga already pointed out, you can swap the modem if needed (but be mindful that the connectors are not rated for doing that often). If you know which areas you frequent, you can check the networks (which bands they use) and plan your modem purchase(s) accordingly. For instance, within South-America situation is similar.

Travel? What is this thing called “travel” of which you speak? :wink:


Good point. In the future (like, tomorrow), travel between continents and even countries (or counties, or even to your local store) is so scarce, that the modem connector issue may not come up. Points for optimization to Purism :wink:
[To clarify: No, those connectors were never supposed to be used to change modem many multiple times, only a few - and even then very carefully]

thanks for linking it, but sadly then it would be only 50$ cheaper than the one i already ordered.:grimacing:

Wow, that phone is still available. Would have expected to be sold 2 h after initial post. That tells his own story.

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Did I miss something or did the OP not outline his security/privacy model?

That conversation was forked to another thread by the op to not clutter this thread.


like what?

I would say that (sadly) there are not that many idealists roaming this forum that have not already ordered the phone ? And those that haven’t either can’t or do not want to invest that much money into an idea. - i.e. to support a first model that doesn’t have legal certifications such as FCC or CE yet and that can’t be your daily driver anytime soon ?

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Is this still available?

Someone on reddit/purism was looking to buy someone’s L5, too.

Edit: “someone” as in “anybody”

is your Librem 5 still available? Im interested

Interested? Hmm. Yes it is available.

Hey, how much are you asking for the phone, is isn’t clear from the ad. Thanks