New Phone Can`t Connect With Calls

I`ll look Gavaudan.Thanks!

This seems a 4G issue, got to PurismPhoshSetting -> Modem > select to 3G only to get able for Calls.
Other checks needs.

  • Good positioned SIM to tray.L5
  • HKS modem ON
  • Modem ON on PurismPhoshSettings
  • Good GSM signal.

This might work, but only if AT&T still has some 3G spectrum running in your area. (AweSIM runs on AT&T, and they’ve supposedly shut down all or most 3G by now. They also shut down their 2G a couple of years ago.)

@fjames, you might have to enable VoLTE (which is still experimental on the L5, I believe). The instructions were posted in the forum fairly recently, so you should be able to find them.

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:thinking: if not 3G anymore the issue of 4G it critical, so maybe they need enable VoLTE if work.
I not sure what is going on on modemmanager, on oFono this 4G issue it fixed without 4.5G, we can use same patch for Modemmanager.

I have a strong AT&T signal on this phone.Configured for 4G. What doesn`t make much sense is the fact that there were no instructions with the AweSIM card on what settings to tweek, if in fact settings needed tweeking. New phone owners should not be subjected to going to terminal and typing command lines just to be able to use the phone in the way everybody uses a phone. What surprises me is that with the release of Evergreen,and people who choose to use the AweSIM card,there are not other people asking this same question??

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Comment from @Kyle_Rankin:

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And a comment from @joao.azevedo:

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Thanks for your reply amarok. I still dont get it.I guess if I had the sim card installed before shipping I wouldnt be here struggling. But I have internet access.The phone is working…kind of. As a computer.
I like the cosmetics and the overall aspects of the phone. I would like to ditch my MotoG7 for this phone.It has everything an old guy would want. There should be a disclaimer with the Purism products that if your not technically literate,don`t but our product. A set of instructions like:go to network…click on AweSIM…choose this option…click this choice…save…and wa-la…a working phone from Purism.

If I contact “support” can/will they set me straight on what my settings should be set at?

I would think so. Just email on Monday.

Thanks Brother!

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I’m replying back late here, but wanted to provide my two cents since I went through this. My provider uses the AT&T backbone, so I had the same issue when I received my phone. I read lots of threads and decided to take the risk and manually enable the VoLTE via “screen” command as described by Kyle in the VoLTE Support Progress thread. Joao also had an instruction on how to do it with a different command that I trust would work, but it just wasn’t the command I used.

I was glad I did it, because as soon as I put the commands in right and cycled the modem VoLTE worked. i.e. I could send/receive calls on 4G (phone was set to 4G only).

So, I would say don’t be too afraid to try it. The word of caution I provide is that sending commands to the modem using the “screen” command [Kyle method] isn’t like using a conventional terminal where you can type, erase, fix, and send. An expert can correct me where I’m wrong here, but it seemed to me that what you type in, goes to the modem. so there’s not really such thing as a backspace (or at least it doesn’t echo), so fixing typing mistakes while your going doesn’t work like you think it would. So be careful as you type to hit the right button every time. After I realized this, when I made a typing mistake, I would just kill the terminal and restart as opposed to trying to “fix” the command. I would suspect that Joao’s method is similar.

Good luck, and I hope you can get the same results.


Thanks for replying Nate.Im very close to sending the phone back and take my loses.But then your reply has given me something to consider. Mladan gave me a link written by Joao Aze but its still Greek to me. I looked around for the "Kyle Method" in the forum but couldnt find it. Do you remember where you seen it? I suppose Ill give it a shot but if it does work,...will it really work?? Like everyday dependable IPhone or dependable Android? Will it drop more calls than another phone would. This my concern.As much as this ol boy dont like carrying around a smart phone,I actually like this Lebrem5. I doesnt make much business sense to ship a phone that doesnt work unless everyone is Linux capable and these issues are no biggy. If you could find that link and send…I`d appreciate it Nate! Thanks…Francis

So I go to terminal…type: sudo socat-/dev/ttyUSB3,crnl So the terminal ask for my purism password?? Numbers on the keyboard dont work. Wont take 123456 So I still can`t do anything here.

Going to the terminal and inputting sudo socat-/dev/ttyUSB3,cnrl terminal wants my purism password. The number pad won`t let me put the phone password 123456 into it. What do I do?

Is the Control key still activated? It’s sticky, so you have to tap it off after use.

So I do this command in “terminal”? and the password would be 123456? The keyboard is on the “numbers” page and no response when typed. Had to put it on charger for awhile. So frustrating amarok.

On the keyboard in the terminal, do you see the “Ctrl” key (top row, far left)? If it’s on, then tap it off.

Ctrl activated (not possible to type certain keys):

Ctrl deactivated (normal typing possible):

I really do appreciate your time here amarok. I`ll give another go.

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No worries.

sudo stands for “super-user do,” in other words “elevate this command to admin privileges.” Some commands require administrator rights (and therefore a password), in order to prevent unwanted changes to the system by “basic” users on the system, or miscreants.