New Post: Librem 5 Update: Shipping Estimates and CPU Supply Chain

Got my estimate :slight_smile:
Ordered: Friday 29th September 2017.
Shipping estimate email: Wednesday 27th January 2021
Shipping estimate: March 15th 19th, 2021

@Kyle_Rankin I very much appreciate the updates about what progress has actually happened, and what the next steps are. It seems to me that most of the disquiet on the matter of updates has come not from news in general but from differences in interpretation about whether future dates were given as promises, estimates or complete guesses. I never really took any of the future dates as absolute promises, so I’m fairly contented with how it’s all gone. I don’t want to get into assigning blame for the differences in interpretation.


I think a lot of the disquiet has also come from mismatched expectations. i.e. specifically when Purism said Evergreen would start shipping in November I think a lot of people probably assumed that meant the entire batch and backlog would be produced and shipped around then (within a few weeks max).

I think the idea that multiple production batches over multiple months would be needed to ship the entire batch hadn’t occurred to a lot of people at all at that point, though it’s since become obvious that for Purism, that was always going to be the case and perhaps was thought so obvious, it wasn’t highlighted enough in communications.

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  • order to UK on 28th of September 2017
  • assigned to Evergreen
  • got a Shipping Estimate Mail today (27th of January 2021)
  • it estimates shipping between March 15th - 19th (2021)

Holy crap, I ordered Jan. 2019, I’ll probably get mine next year…lol.


I also ordered in January 2019, but from what I’ve seen estimates point to the purchase density not being linear and in turn order date is less important than order number for those of us farther out.

Based on the non-official estimates I’ve seen once we get past the November 2017 orders we should start seeing months of orders go out instead of days. It appears that there is a much higher order density in the first 90 days of orders than all of 2018.


right first 3 months were generating 1k orders a month, while three next years were generating 1k orders a year (very rough approximation). So if we take 500 phones a month (shipment) that would make 6 months (5, one already passed) to cover backlog. Give or take for speed increase / order volume increase after Q3’19.


I ordered in August

I see with happines that the order date of people who got their mail (here 28th of September) is coming closer and closer to mine (October 7).

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welcome to Patience, Colorado !

Just got my estimate a few minutes ago. mid-October 17 turns to “May”.
Some early October-orderers seem to be still waiting, but that might be a matter of minutes or hours.
Also, in the matrix channel, Kyle just said

it looks like now that we have paired CPUs with customers, that the shipping estimates will extend through orders placed on Oct 20 2017 *

*campaign end


Just got my email.
Ordered: 10/09
Expected: April
Feels pretty anti-climactic.


What’s your estimate? You are right ahead of me.

Still about 500 phones /month. Pretty disappointing.

Numbers from:

Perhaps Purism don’t want to overpromise anymore…


Well… these are labeled as reliable estimates…

Just was informed about estimated shipping in April, my order date is October 7, 2017. There is light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:


Like @guru, I ordered 7 Oct, 2017, and I just got my estimated shipping for April! Therefore, at least they’re internally consistent :wink:


Only 62 days to April! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s an April-foolish way of calculating that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, it is.