New Post: Librem 5 Update: Shipping Estimates and CPU Supply Chain

Yesterday I realized I might also become similarly angry so I fired a mail to support to dismiss my fears. Mladen dismissed them within an hour.(ok it was actually 1 and half hour).


It was also Mladen who answered me yesterday, but I’m still waiting for the email.

Nah, that shouldn’t be the case. You just didn’t get your estimate yet, but that should be April.
You didn’t lose your spot in the line.

Did you specifically ask to have that mail re-sent? Maybe they only updated the address?


Mladen aswered:
“Yes, I see that our email was rejected, we will resend it to the new address, and also update your email address in our records.”

Just to be sure, I sent another email right now, not only to Mladen but to as well. I’m afraid he doesn’t work on Fridays!

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Received Email today (1/29/2021). “We estimate your Librem 5 will ship in May 2021”


Yeah, I changed me email associated with my account but they sent it to the original email anyway. Fortunately I got it, but three seems to be a glitch in their system. They should look up the email associated with the account rather than just using the original email address.


I got my email today, too. Ordered Oct 9, 2017. Expected delivery in April. I’m just too excited!


Ordered Jan. 11 2018. Hopefully I’ll get it by Christmas! By then it should be a daily driver for this novice. Will be one of my best Christmas presents ever. Ordered a Mobian Pinephone a couple days ago. I love Linux. Mint 20.1 on my desktop is so easy and forgiving to use.
Purism is doing something amazing here and I am really looking forward to having a Librem 5.
Thank you Purism.


@Kyle_Rankin Inhouse in Purism is there any remote thought that this project may no longer be viable due to supply chain disruptions or is the current consensus that v.1 AND v.2 orders will definitely be met and ship just not sure when due to component delays ?

You know me , Im all in as I’ve said several times before. Ill never ask for a refund except in the event there is an email stating " Sorry , components for this project are no longer being produced due to global covid consequences " or some similar email . So , no complaints out of me . I bought 2 new android spy bricks that I bought to last me until the L5 V.2 ships as Im in fir . And I hate them both but they do what needs to be done .

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I’ve watched this delivery stuff now with interest and not really been alarmed. But it appears that something may indeed be seriously amiss. Someone above orders in Oct 2017 with expected delivery in April! Yes, like most of us here I have a vested interest with my order going in August 2019. So, mine comes …wtf?

For the first time now I fear for the project. There’s either no parts, no staff, no money, no planning or a combination or the lot of these. Sorry to be a downer in these buoyant times, but this brings me down man.


Someone mentioned in another thread that there were around 1000 orders per month in the crowdfunding phase and estimated 1000 orders per year after that. Of course, how accurate that is is anyone’s guess, but the trend is at least plausible. In that case, people who ordered in 2019 (including me) should get theirs sooner than the current rate of order fulfillment suggests.


This was also discussed in my post in this very thread and a couple of the replies around that same time.

The other big variable is that the current shipping estimates appear to be based on approximately 500 fulfilments/month. It is a possibility that this rate will increase or decrease based on many variables, some of which are beyond Purisms control.

Being as these estimates were just released I think it is reasonable to wait and see if the provided estimates prove accurate; something purism has a shaky historical track record on from what I’ve seen, but also something that they currently appear to be making a good faith effort to improve.

I hope that the currently set expectations are exceeded (or at least met); I won’t do more than hope at this point, but I do hope.

I also hope that if these estimates appear to become untenable because of supply chain issues (or any other issues) purism speaks up sooner rather than holding off and hoping things improve then making a last minute announcement (as appears to have been the historical method).


Ordered: 2017 october 4
Mail got: yesterday (2021 jan 29)
Shipping estimate: 2021 april
Maybe the rabbit bring it to me when my family celebrate the Easter fest. :slight_smile:


Looks like estimate times are very sensitive to exact order dates. My data point:
Ordered Sep, 20th 2017, shipping estimate: second half of February, 2021.

Might also be no deliveries in March due to Chinese New Year.


Don’t you call it “alternative facts” over there (across the pond)?
And by the way this is the main reason, why I think misleading communication (as discussed very often in this forum) is done intentionaly. All other broken promises have been justified in various ways that can not be proofed from the outside world. But this is so obvious…

MIne is October 7, 2017 and one can calculate:

September 20, 2017


October 07, 2017


guru@c720-r368166:~ $ bc

1272531 - 507815

(1272531 - 507815) / 599

If your shipping estimate is “mid February” and mine is “April” (let’s say “mid of April” too) this means they have to ship roughly 1276 in 60 calendar(!) days.

That’s not an accurate calculation, you have to count the devices, not divide sum by one of the options.
Device numbers per day are listed here:

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Even with this devices per day table you get 1745-759= ~1000 devices in that time period. And taking in account what “April” means (1st of or 30 of April) the rough calculation is valid: 1000-1200 in ~60 days. Only Purism has the exact numbers.


Ordered: 2017 october 15
Mail recieved: 2021 january 29
Shipping estimate: 2021 may (no window given)

I was hoping recieving it earlier but at least I know the date.


Which as I pointed out above they could choose to release, but don’t, because claiming to be transparent is easier than actually being transparent…

And before anybody else says “Duh, You did not buy a phone. you backed a project…”
No, I bought after release, I bought a product that already hit market, and was promised to be delivered in a “few months”, I bought a device on back order, and a promise was made that there would be updates on the state released ~ mid Feb. (middle of Q1.)

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