The ULTIMATE list of Apps for the Librem 5

As suggested by others, since I was asked to make a list of app suggestions as to not come off as spamming the community. This is an attempt to list apps that maybe very useful on the Librem 5. Some are already set for the Librem 5 form factor, others are still working on making that happen, and finally users could probably contact the organizations {Developers/Maintainers} and suggest that maybe they should look into making their app compatible for small screens/Librem 5. So here is my list. I hope many of you find these apps worth considering. If anyone is willing to contact these developers to suggest they consider adapting their apps for mobile, please do.
As suggested I will update apps with the following:

:white_check_mark:Gnome Web – Default browser. Add home button.
It has SSB (site specific browser) capability. Forerunner to PWAs
:rainbow:GNU Icecat – the GNU version of Firefox
:rainbow:Midori - A fast and lightweight web browser

Encrypted Vault
:rainbow:Cryptometer – Create an encrypted vault, in the cloud or local device, for your important documents.

:ballot_box_with_check:Geary - Send and receive email

:rainbow:Calendar - Calendar for Gnome (syncing between devices would be a good addition)

:rainbow:Notes-Up - Your New Notebook
:rainbow:Notes - Notes for GNOME

Instant messaging and Videos/Voice over IP
:rainbow:GNU Jami – It has no central servers that can be raided, shut down, or forced to turn over data.
:rainbow:Riot - Like Jami, it has no central servers.
:rainbow:Tox – Like Jami, it has no central servers.

Media player - Movies & TV
:ballot_box_with_check:Girens – A Plex GTK client for playing movies, TV shows and music from your Plex library
Site states it already has small screen support.
:rainbow:Cinema - A video player for watching local movie files

Video player
:rainbow:Celluloid - GTK+ frontend for mpv
:rainbow:Videos - official video player for GNOME

Music player
:white_check_mark:Lollypop - Play and organize your music collection
This is supposed to be the default music player for the Librem 5
:rainbow:Byte – Music player
:rainbow:Musique - A finely crafted music player
:rainbow:GNOME Music - Play and organize your music collection

eBook reader
:ballot_box_with_check:Foliate - A simple and modern eBook viewer (.epub, .mobi, .azw, and .azw3 files)
Site states working on small screen support.
:rainbow:Bookworm – focused eBook reader (supports epub, mobi, PRC, PDF, FB2, CBR and CBZ formats)
:rainbow:Books - An e-book manager application for GNOME

:rainbow:OpenComic – Comic Reader (supports PDF, RAR, ZIP, 7Z, TAR, CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT)

:rainbow:Cozy -A modern audio book player (Supports DRM free mp3, m4a [aac, ALAC…], flac, ogg, wav)

Document viewer
:white_check_mark:Evince - Document viewer for popular document formats

:ballot_box_with_check:Podcasts - Podcast app for GNOME

:rainbow:GNOME Maps - Find places around the world (Mapzen or HERE Maps integration would help with turn by turn navigation, traffic, etc.- or )
Ability to sync Gnome Maps apps on multiple devices would be great.

Photo Gallary
:rainbow:Photos - Access, organize and share your photos on GNOME

RSS Feed reader
:ballot_box_with_check:Feeds - News reader for GNOME
:rainbow:Feedreader - RSS client for various webservices

:rainbow:Meteo - Know the forecast of the next hours and days with data and maps
:rainbow:Weather - Show weather conditions and forecast

YouTube Client
:rainbow:MiniTube (does NOT require google account. Like New Pipe)

Sound Recorder
:rainbow:Sound Recorder - A simple, modern sound recorder for GNOME

:rainbow:SuperTuxKart - A 3D arcade racer with a variety of characters, tracks, and modes to play.
:rainbow:HexGL - Space racing game
:rainbow:Teeworlds - Online multiplayer shooter game


Sorry but what do you want from purism to do with this list? If the app is

a) included into debian upstream or published on flathub and
b) using libhandy (or otherwise adoptive interface)

you should be able to install it and use it right from the phone. And if it isn’t - i don’t think Purism can (and should) take burden of ownership/maintainership for these apps - that should be done by their owners/developers/maintainers.


No need to be sorry about anything. I’m not. As I am not asking Purism to do anything. If you had read the beginning of the my post you would see that I mention, in part;

So I make it very obvious from the beginning that indeed people should reach out to them in efforts to gain support and motivate them {Developers/Maintainers} to contribute to this project. So do you ask the same question whenever anyone else suggests software for the Librem 5? My understanding is that this form was created by Purism so that potential users and buyers could share ideas and make suggestions. That is exactly what I’m doing. This list was even at the suggestion of a moderator to this very forum. Some have already favorited this topic. So it’s clear there are those who do have an interest in what I’ve posted. Cheers. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the list. Often time, especially for people new to Linux, such lists are crucial. So thank you for your efforts, and keep up the good work.

The more lists the better. Just need to have them intuitively accessible for them to be useful.


What’s the difference here to the other app list in the Community Wiki?
Seems like it would make more sense to add to that one instead as there anyone can contribute.


Thanks for taking the time to create the list! :smile:

Hopefully some of the apps will make it into the list of apps in development, which @johan-bjareholt has just mentioned.

I see this list as more of a wishlist, or list of suggestions, and I think that some of the apps on the list are already being made mobile-friendly.

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I would suggest to mark each with a status like
:white_check_mark: - available (e.g. Gnome Web, Evince, Lollypop)
:ballot_box_with_check: - in the works (e.g. Geary (I think on the roadmap of Purism), Foliate, Girens)
:rainbow: - wished for

I think it would also make sense to add some more of the apps we already know about, e.g. from the apps in development and possibly from the daily videos.
Especially, I’d include Chatty/Chats and Fractal, as they are intended to replace or complement Riot.
Likewise, there’s already a note taking app (Xournal) and at least one ebook reader. So, if an app is wished for, it would be good to know there’s already an alternative for it.

(To give a more uniform look, remove the previews from links by indenting the line with a space)


I wasn’t aware there was already a list. Had I known I may have done just that. Some of what I have suggested is on there, other apps are there which I was not aware of, still others are not on there at all. Again, had I known. So thank you for letting me know :sunglasses:

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Actually, if you can one-up the subject line and call it “Penultimate”.

Not likely. Cheers :sunglasses:

… Magnificent! …

@Seven could you please add a file browser in the list ? like nautilus/files, maybe Documents too