Troubleshooting screen capture issues

I have tried 2 different screen capture apps on my Librem 13, Simple Screen Recorder and Vokoscreen, and both of them only show a black screen when played back which leads me to believe there is some setting on my machine that is causing this but I am new to linux and have no idea how to even go about troubleshooting this. Anyone familiar with this type of issue…

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Have you updated and upgraded to the max your sys files?

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt full-upgrade
then restart your computer .

If after following these exact commands, you don’t succeed to make your apps work, you can try this

and if you’ll get a black video as an output after using this method, you’ll easily be able to search for this specific software solutions, like

note: I have not tested or used this app. Found it as a result of a DDG search.

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Make sure to check if those apps are working with wayland. If not, you can start GNOME on xserver and try again.

did u try the ‘Prt scr’ button? That should do a full screen capture.

To do custom area capture I use the GNOME extensions Screenshot tool which works very nicely.

My guess is that no screen recording software is going to work on Wayland (by design/security) except the display server/compositor, in this case GNOME Shell (which has a built-in screencast feature with ctrl+alt+shift+R and/or the “EasyScreencast” extension).

Beware: last time I checked, unless you configure it otherwise (ex: with EasyScreencast), GNOME Shell tries to encode with the VP9 video codec by default, which is so extremely computationally expensive that almost any computer can’t live-encode it, and it will fill your RAM very quick. Better to use VP8 in that case.

I need help, here, too. I’ve installed MyPaint from Software and redirected my cursor over Layer tab then Paste Layer From Clipboard / (Ctr + V), however nothing seems to happen. I’ve done this after doing a screenshot Fn + Ptr Sc (Librem 13v2)

I’ve already done a full update on my computer.

The screenshots you took should show up in your “Pictures” folder.

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is there a recommended app or program to record audio direct from screen for librem 5

Sound Recorder.

There is also Screen Recorder.

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not work on wayland