Charging via USB C port?

I just realized that there are laptops that can be charged via its USB C port ! :slight_smile:

Question : can Librem 15 be charged via its USB C port too ?

(fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Thanks !

cheers, HS


I don’t think USB C port is connected to battery :wink:

Anyway, we have future plans to go with USB-C ports as default for charging.


Zlatan, thanks for the clarification !

And that (future product will use USB C for charging) is excellent news ! I will continue to recommend Purism products to my friends.

cheers, HS

+1 for USB C charging


Notice: I’ll be merging the other USB type C “power delivery” charging discussion from January/March into this thread, so expect some notification noise below.

I have look at the specification, I can’t find anything about what power plug on the laptop use for the power supply.

Now that USB-C (with can deliver up to 100W) has start to be adopted on mobile etc.

My Q is when are you getting it on Librem laptops?

Librem 15 has one USB 3.1 3.0 C type port, but it can’t be used as a power plug. We’ll if this will be possible in the future, for next revisions of our devices.

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Well, I wouldn’t call the good old standard coaxial DC power plugs “proprietary”… but yes, charging through the USB-C port in future models would be pretty cool. It’s on the wishlist, as has been said elsewhere.

It is as if each manufacturer invent their own coaxial DC power plugs for each new model they come out with.

Sorry for overlooked the the old tropic I saw only back to the summer

I’m looking forward to the update on the 13" spec…

The coaxial power plug has been a point of failure on several laptops over the years for me. Is the existing socket resistant to breaking or easily replaceable? From what I’ve seen, the magnetic connector on macs were a nice innovation.


From what I’ve seen, the magnetic connector on macs were a nice innovation.

I used to think that and then spoke to various Macbook users in recent years, who used the magsafe and such, and they were complaining it was unreliable as well. Oh, and their power adapters tend to fail too (so Apple’s design doesn’t seem to be immune to these problems, just saying)

Ugghh!! That’s a dirty word if I ever heard one, Proprietary.

Personally I’d prefer a power plug with a 90 degree bend right at the connector to the laptop if that’s a reasonable option. USB-C would obviously be a different story but with the round coax power plugs that seems to make them significantly more durable. There’s less of the plug sticking straight out for anything to apply the sort of sideways pressure that can break your gear.

If this needs to be in some other place as a feature request let me know.

I’ve had Apple laptops (sorry) - and yes, Magsafe sucks

I was so sick of buying new power adaptors; I ended up buying a non-original power adaptor instead.

It lasted until I sold the laptop.

So yeah, I was so happy to find out that Librem use standard coaxial DC power port. Woohoo !

Well done, Purism.

Now, about charging through USB-C port … :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

cheers, HS

Now, about charging through USB-C port ….. ? ? ?

Yeah, I would like to see this, too.

So to have a clear answer: There is nothing proprietary about the Librems’ current connector.

A bit more clear for all that would prefer not ordering from Librem or after it is not available any longer …

  • It is a “Coaxial power connector” with 5.5 (outer diameter) x 2.5mm (pin-hole diameter) – sometimes called barrel-connector.
  • (The PSU delivers) output: 19V at 2.1A for the device.
  • (Mine is a) EU Version, input says: 100-240V~ 1.0A 50-60Hz
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I have the EU version of the power connector. I will travel to the US soon, and I want to bring my Librem 15 laptop with me.

Will the power connector also work in the US? Is a 2-pin plug adapter (not grounded) sufficient?

US uses 120V, 60Hz power and A/B plug types. Check your charger labels, it should be stated there whether or not it can be used with 120V/60Hz.

Howdy folks! I just found Purism and I am really excited for future improvements to the hardware. After everything I have seen I am planning for my next laptop to be one from here.

Power connections have been a real sore spot for me. I have never owned an Apple product, nor do I EVER intend on doing so. Taking that in to consideration, I have always envied their “Magsafe” (?) magnetic connectors. Now, the “failures” I have seen with these have been with the “cord” spitting and breaking AT the connector. Any of the other problems (like the power block failing, etc) I am unaware of and as far as I am concerned are irrelevant. It’s the “Magnetic Connection” that I think is BRILLIANT.

For me, a magnetic connector would be a HUGE win - if built properly.
I have taken more pc laptops apart than I care to admit, and resoldered the connector back to the motherboard due to cracked connections.
Solder is NOT that strong, and the constant stresses of plugging in and pulling out of the connector are NOT good for it . . . and lets not forget the “tripping over the cord” issue that rips the laptop right off the desk and onto the floor! I have never done that, but have seen it happen so many times that I am blown away that we still use this type of connector! The whole concept is archaic - you’d think we’d have come up with a better way by now.

I’d ask that Purism Seriously consider adding something like a magnetic connector to their build.
If they can not, then may I suggest at the very least that the female portion of the power plug be anchored to the chassis of the computer, and then have “wires” from there link it to the motherboard. This, at the very least, would relieve the stresses associated with plugging in and removing the barrel connector.

I would also love to hear the specifics from anyone who has used and disliked the Apple Magsafe connectors.
Again, I have never used them personally, but would like to know more as to why this “isn’t a good option”.
From what I have seen, its a good idea - the point of failure has nothing to do with the “Magnetic Connector”, but the material around it that was poorly designed.

If it is truly a bad design, then how about the surface pro magnetic connectors?
How have they fared?

I am looking forward to the laptops development, and I hope the Purism folks take into consideration these comments (and even join in). I think a lot can be gained by listening to their customer base and solving the problems they have had to live with in the past.

Cheers everyone!

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Since this original discussion two months ago, I’ve given the matter some more thought & research, and I think I have a workable plan to get magnetic connectors for the Librem’s power supplies in future revisions alongside USB 3.1 type C “power delivery”. However, besides needing to herd cats (negotiate with suppliers) and to be extremely careful about sourcing components (lots of crappy non-spec-compliant cables out there), from a purely technical standpoint this will require non-trivial motherboard redesign work, so we’ll see when we can make this happen. No promises/ETAs for now, as we’re focused on producing the current batch/inventory of laptops without creating more delays. But at least I’m reasonably certain it’s “possible” so it’s near the top of my wishlist, personally :slight_smile: