VPN service pros & cons


What is your stance on subscribing to a VPN service for a smart phone

How crucial is this for an Android being used for tethering ?

How crucial is this going to be for tethering with a Librem 5 ?


Pretty much the same as you would on a computer, hide yourself from your ISP/mobile carrier.

I don’t use Android very much but I think that I have worries on an Android device that have a higher priority than using a VPN, like the rom used on the device and if I can throw in Lineage without gapps.

Depends on how you value your privacy and/or what are your priorities, if it was just theoretically speaking I would say that a VPN is very important but for me there is things that are more important (at least ATM) which is getting a tough as hell home network with self relying services (I don’t wan’t to depend on a distant server to do MY things, especially when I’m using Matrix and Mumble) and then when I’m done I’ll search for a reliable VPN provider.


A VPN just moves who can most easily track your web access from your ISP to the VPN provider.

Tor decentralizes that trust to the network as a whole with known bad actors on that network. Note just because there are known bad actors on the network does not automatically compromise the entire system, it was designed to mitigate that exact scenario to some degree but is still worth keeping in mind.

As Yuno alluded to, what value is trusting the network when you don’t trust the device itself? That is not to imply there is no value, just that is a question you’ll want to ask yourself.

For me personally I see vpn’s as bad in general because the give many uninformed people a false sense of security.


Years ago, i had a very brief experience using Tor as an uninformed home user
How would you rate Tor’s contribution to a home user vs being subscribed to a VPN service ?


The average home user has such bad usage habbits that neither Tor nor a VPN has any significant value in my opinion. As such I actually think a VPN (and Tor, which for this scenario is essentially a distributed VPN) is a bad thing for a home user that doesn’t educate themselves on safe internet usage habbits. It gives them a false sense of security and often that results in even worse online behavior (and I don’t mean trolling).

Personally I think making sure you’re using SSL and only going to sites you trust and not sharing excess information is more important than changing who you trust to see which servers/services you’re connecting to.


VPN to avoid censorship. that is the only way if you are ISP blocked. if you look closely you can see that VPNs such as NordVPN have server nodes/centers in every part of the world. why would i encourage with my dollar the concentration of regulated traffic through a single exit node. isn’t it bad enough as it is that the internet isn’t decentralized ?

even if you use Tor in conjuction with VPN (there are various combinations available) remember that no matter how many times you encript/jump around networks - when the traffic reaches the last exit node to the internet the connection is unencripted and traffic that comes and goes from your upload/download requests can be studied and used to identify you if someone would be interested in doing that.

VPN and TOR just make you more resilient to attacks originating on the LAN or MAN less so WAN and even less WWW. this topic is really vast and is impossible to cover every scenario here. you should read books or follow some online tutorial courses if you are really interested in this subject. or just pay a SECURITY SPECIALIST to council you. it all depends on your needs and your online presence.

also we should get into the habbit of requesting paid services to offer hardware RYF infrastructure certification. this is to partially unburden the risks of proprietary attacks that can happen at any EVIL node in the network no matter if VPN or TOR is used.


On a smartphone? Sure, if possible. If not possible, then I don’t use smartphone on public wifi. Reason for me is I use public wifi (hotels, airports, etc.) a lot, and VPN is a security measure. Not THE security measure, but one of them.

No comment on the other questions.


The VPN service is used to have different IP to get access to the site. There are various pros and cons of the VPN and we also get know from here. I have also used the VPN to fix the iTunes error 9 issue.


After installing the VPN lenovo screen flicker started in my system which is really troublesome. It not allowing me to see anything on the screen.


That seems to be related to wireless, not strictly VPN.
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