Which applications do you find to be better on Librem 5 than other devices?

Which applications do you find to be better on Librem 5 than other devices? Do you have a favorite setup or application for you Librem 5?


This one… Create your own app:

In practice: Tutorial: Create a Shortcut to Modem Info
And: Tutorial: Create a Shortcut to a Specific Folder
And: Tutorial: Create Shortcuts to Scale Display Up/Down
And: Tutorial: List your Desktop/Home Screen Applications
And: Tutorial: Create shortcuts for High Contrast mode On/Off
And: Tutorial: Shortcut to List all Unique Commands from your Recent Terminal History
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@amarok: Love the links!

If I was to make my own LIbrem 5 specific app I would do something database driven, mainly lists with drill downs and data editing in forms, perhaps some graphing of data as well, not unlike D3.js.

Are the frameworks available to Swift or Rust?

With one of the goals being to have the same application availability across all devices running PureOS I would think the goal would not be for any application to run “better” on the Librem5 than a Librem Mini or Librem 14, but rather to run as good for the applications intended to be run while mobile and good enough for the applications intended to be run docked.

If we’re sticking to the ethos of Purism, wouldn’t this be just a FLOSS application capable of running on any gnu+Linux distribution?

If I want something to run anywhere I would use SVG|HTML/CSS w/ecma.

Usually I work on the iOS / Apple platform, making screen specific graphics is imperative. When I work with i3 or ncurses I do use a tiling window manager approach.

Sure, you don’t have to make the application dynamically adjust based on window size, but that’s been the direction most software has been headed for a while. And even if the UI isn’t scalable and is designed with the smaller screen in mind, it would still run fine on a device with a larger screen.

My primary point was that part of the goal of using PureOS was that the applications available on the phone are the same ones available on the laptop, mini, etc.

I guess, terminal and LibreOffice should fit here.

  • With the Librem 5 you, the user, can completely remove the bezel from the display. (Bezels seem to irritate many phone users; I myself am not bothered by them, as colors always seem more vibrant against a black border. :wink: )

See: TUTORIAL: Add a Custom Background in Phosh

I would prefer that one: Ed Rutherford / Wails Pinephone · GitLab

Firefox ESR is by far the best application on the Librem 5, solely because of the web extensions I am able to install using it. I need a method to customize my web browsing experience for various reasons, so this has been my solution for the last year or so.

This is all in comparison to other browsers on Android or iOS devices, which from the last time I used them many years ago, did not allow web extensions to be installed.