Keyboard layout poll

Disclaimer: The poll results are not obligatory for Purism SPC in any way.

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Greek
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Slovenian
  • Slovakian
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Turkish
  • Serbo-Croatian

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Disclaimer: The poll results are not obligatory for Purism SPC in any way.


No Dvorak love? I’m sure the geeky Dvorak minority is strong within the Purism crowd!

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Sorry, I cannot edit the poll now. You can have Dvorak by rearranging the keycaps on US keyboard: Swapping keycaps for the librem 13 v2 keyboard. It would be a tedious job, but it would work.


Pls. consider checking possibility to provide/sell optional keycaps to allow buyers of US-/UK-keyboards to change their keyboards to fit their personal tastes/known habits.

This way people already owning a Librem laptop could change their keyboard if they’re not absolutely happy with US/UK mappings.

Also that might provide an option for non US-/UK-buyers to get a new librem and fit it to their needs as long as you can’t provide keyboard-layouts for people requesting different layouts.


How about a blank/black US International one - these mechanically reasoned layouts do not make sense and irritate people. after all keyboard layout is mostly a question of software.
just product specific keys (fn, media) I would except; so basically drop all white labeling.

Just curious: How’d you handle that? Do you have memorized every key-position (even for double-, triple-used keys)?

Indeed when working all day long with a keyboard as the main tool you memorize it, even in the layers behind modifikation keys. Some people already stated they use a modern layout like Dvorak, Colemark or Neo. Which one highly depends on language used and what kind of stuff typed.

Some may have recognized that there are muck better keybindings for writing texts on Linux than on Windows when it comes to special characters and you can easily switch between languages as long as you have enough physical keys to map it. It’s just software.

Perfect would be customizeable key caps that can be labeled (e.g. with a laser or special printer), this way everybody could have keys to his needs. If some consider to have an (rather pricy) external keyboard to easy their work, WASD is a good option. A cheaper blank/black option ist das keyboard ultimate.

Unfortunately we do not have the numbers here for customizing, but skipping the white labels should not be much of a hassle?


any news regarding that poll? looks like it’s already showing a picture. especially considering not everybody interested in a librem will register here just to give a vote.

i am waiting for a french keyboard before purchase a librem 15 laptop.

Same goes for me for German. I just had a short moment buying a laptop with the UK one but I know that I’d be annoyed again and again.
I need the Umlauts available without a Hotkey.

Is there an ETA? I need to know if it makes sense for me to wait or not.

Wait. :slight_smile:

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Did the OLED/e-ink keyboard get forgotten? Or is it still a thing that could happen in some iterations of the Librems?

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Oh I can’t wait…

Thanks for this poll. From a German point of view everything turned out to be great. Let’s see how many people order the DE Keyboard :wink:


Just wanted to say “THANK YOU SO MUCH” for offering the german keyboard option. I’m so sad that this came a bit too late for me. I’ve already bought a new ThinkPad in the end of January. ;-( Most Notebooks last two to three years for me and selling my new baby with high deficit is not an option. I wish you the very best for the next two years and at the latest in 2020 I’ll be your very happy customer. (probably earlier if Librem 5 lands in my pocket :slight_smile: ) Keep up the good work!


Hello, any update for an azerty keyboard ?

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Me too, for the Librem 13…

Polish layout does not make sense. In Poland, we use US layout with software mapping of our specific characters. It’s de-facto standard. Nobody is familiar with the old layout borrowed from typewritters. It never stuck. You may safely remove this option from the poll.