Wifi signal drop down

wifi signal drop down after few seconds. In the immediate vicinity of the router, wifi is connected to the network and occasionally catches the signal. Has anyone had this problem? Solution?

L5 Evergreen , SparkLAN. PureOS last update yes.

The L5 is under warranty, but I really don’t want to go through the whole procedure with Purism support. Send the device from Europe to the Purism service in the USA and wait, wait and wait…

How many client already have the Router? How far it is the Router from L5? SCAN and use it a unique Channel. Try 5ghz or 2ghz to see what is going on.

right next to the router and any router. I tried to connect from another mobile phone (hotspot), with an old tp-link TL-WR841N and a newer Gli-iNet at 2.4 ghz, auto channel, manual channel. I check everything again on various frequencies 2 and 5
thank you for your reply

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It is best to search for and review existing discussions of similar issues and the associated troubleshooting.

If you are having problems with WiFi connectivity then it is best to use 2.4 GHz - and to lock it onto 2.4 GHz and off 5 GHz. (I achieve that by having different SSIDs on the two bands, so by choosing an SSID, I am also choosing a band. Some people may not have their WiFi set up that way.)

During testing, it would be best to ensure that only one of your Wireless Access Points is powered on at any one time. However, regardless of that, you have to contend with your neighbours. Are you aware of whether you typically receive the SSIDs of your neighbours? If your neighbours are not a problem then I would suggest that during troubleshooting you use manual channel.

Finally, as suggested, do a scan on the Librem 5 to see what SSIDs it is detecting and what the receive power is (dBm).

Even if you don’t want to go down the warranty path with Purism support, you can still go down the troubleshooting path with Purism support, which would then make clearer what the best option is.

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yes, I am.
Everyone has the problem of not being able to connect. My L5 connects to different routers and in different places. (favorite coffee bar) but the signal is very bad even just a meter from the router. It only occasionally shows a good signal. (probably caused by moving L5 to a better position compared to the router)


At home and at work, the old TP-LINK TL-WR841N at 2.4 GHZ from 2015. so
problem with 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz dual band is not possible.

Yes, in test time only one Access Points is powered on. SSIDs of neighbours L5 does not see them, android devices see them.

Only detects my home SSID and connect with -77 to - 95 dbm link quality 24%
Everything points in the direction that the problem is hardware related to the antenna or antenna connectors. Or some software related to power signal manipulation, but I don’t think that’s it.
If no one has yet reported the problem of Wi-Fi connecting properly but with a very poor signal, then I’m out of luck with a faulty Wi-Fi card, antenna or some…
I contacted purisam support and am waiting…

thank you all for your help

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Certainly not a strong signal.

I could be getting -60 to -70 dBm when 20 metres away from the AP - but it is going to depend on the construction material of your house, how many walls between the phone and AP, what wall angle the signal is hitting. At -80 dBm I still have a reliable connection. Much more than that and the connection starts to become unreliable (which may equate with what you are seeing).

If that is in the same room as the AP then that is a very poor signal (I would expect maybe -30 dBm to -40 dBm), and I would wonder about antenna connection (as you say).

OK. Use it a dedicated screw driver to open the WLANWPAN back cover to see if antenna it good assembled in the module? Do not perform without washing your hands with soap before.

I received similar instructions from purism support. They answered quite quickly. The Wifi card looks well connected to the slot, both cables seem well connected to the card connectors. I will definitely let you know how this case ended with a working wifi card but very poor signal reception.

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Purism :heart:

I do not have SPARKLAN Module because it is Opensource instead i have the Free Software Redpine Module which works very well, moreover there are tons of fixes coming up in Redpine.

Like i said i do not have a sparklan then it much hard to addressing what is going on…the good news is that whatever is the problems it will have a solutions, do not get panic…

EDITADO: Can you do a TEST like perfoming a WiFi Hotspot then check if working?

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I don’t want to take this thread too off topic, but what sort of fixes are coming? I upgraded to SparkLAN but I still have the Redpine card stored somewhere.

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A lot fixes through newest firmware and driver not yet shipped to Pure OS moreover new Bluez and network manager in Crimson, as far i know BLE, RELIABILITY and maybe S2RAM already fixed in newest firm Redpine.

Sadly Purism drop support for Redpine because SPARKLAN is already mainline, but Silicon Labs is pushing the driver rsi to linux base, so eventually we will get new driver in some newest linux version on L5.

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L5 hotspot working
if you meant it. But of course the problem with the signal is still present.

I am still in contact with Purism support. The assumption is that the antenna cable is damaged or the card is faulty. This type of failure easily passes product control because the tester has a router
nearby and probably had a full signal during the testing phase. ali but je*i ga!

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Can you unplug both antenna cables then check if the Signal RX TX it is same?
Also can you check the core-center-pin in both cables if is broken?

good idea, for detecting a bad cable. If the signal is the same, the card should be ok. one cable is connected at the very bottom on the right side on the board with the usb c connector (is there an antenna?) the other is connected to the motherboard, on the top right (or is this an antenna?).
The device is still under warranty, so I can’t risk breaking something because I don’t have any spare parts :slight_smile:

The problem was solved by Purism service in Germany.

I followed the instructions for emailing support.

From my first contact with support (Mr. Mladen Pejakovic) to the arrival of the device from the service, 42 days passed, counting more than 15 days of shipment and the fact that during communication I myself was several days late with the answers.

We started communication on Oct. 25 and ended on Dec. 8, and we exchanged 24 messages that contained: Description of the failure, attempt to detect the failure, attempt and proposal to independently change the Wi-Fi card and cables, sending and tracking the shipment to the service, thanks for the support…etc.
Although I was warned that the service process would take a long time, the device arrived earlier than I expected.


Mark your post as a solution.

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I am running openWRT and the only problem I have is with 5Ghz WLAN signal. So I excluded it from the phone and kept only 2.4Ghz WLAN.